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What a great place! Especially great to have a friend to show us around. Better than bumbling around as a tourist with no idea where to go. Aska lives with her grandparents Constance and Claudine. They were both very interesting, super-hospitable and made us feel at home. They insisted that we have a genuine Swiss Fondue which was a highlight of our trip since I am a cheese fanatic.
We were there for three days. The weather wasnít great but improved steadily during our stay. We spent most of the three days skating around the city. Aska is a long-boarder and Jesse used the little scooter we bought Luci to keep up with me when I brought my skate with us to Amsterdam last fall. I donít think she even used it once. Jesse got plenty of use out of it though; in fact, he wore half the rubber off the back wheel. Geneva has perfect hills for interurban long-boarding. Not too steep but steep enough you donít have to push everywhere. The old city is up on a hill which offers up a good 15min ride down to the lake side.
To give Jesse the brief tri-nations tour of the region where Luci and I work, we drove through the Mont-Blanc tunnel to Chamonix, France and on to Geneva Switzerland. On the drive back we plan to drive over the Grand Sant Bernardo Pass (home of the dog with the barrel collar) which will be a first for the both of us. The weather is supposed to be good and we hope to get up to Rifugio Boccalatte; Luci and my summer project.


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