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Amy and Eric Leave

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Finally feeling better. I have been struggling with this stomach virus/cold all week. We are bracing ourselves for another busy weekend. Thursday is filling up again already. Last Saturday went really smoothly. The overbooking worked itself out in the end when a party of 4 failed to show up leaving beds for the entire party of 5 who reserved late. An interesting note about this group is that they were our first party to Paraglide from the summit of the Jorasses. We had an individual take off from halfway down the route earlier in the season but this was the first guided group to go off the summit. Their guide has paraglided from the 7 highest summits of the world.
Amy and Eric left yesterday. We successfully convinced them to stay another day so we could actually have some fun together without the circus that ensues on weekends. Eric and I did some climbing around the hut and Amy and Luci laid in the sun. A couple of guides found out about the potato canon (canone di patate) so Eric and I had to give them a demonstration. I launched one so far that you couldnít see the potato anymore. They hiked down from Boccalatte and across the valley to a friendís hut for the night. The made it just before a huge thunderstorm hit. Today they were supposed to take the bus to Lake Como. They will be missed.
Since we have been so busy it looks like we are most likely going to be making another airlift next Wednesday. The Hutkeepers Association has worked out an arrangement with the regional government to help cover the cost of airlifts if we fly on certain days and fly out trash. Wednesday the 11th is that day and with the rising temperatures and increased volume of customers we have been flying though our supplies of drinks. Here is an entertaining picture of Luci entertaining.
Yesterday and todayís afternoon thunderstorms have been a god-sent. It has really started to dry out up here and the high temps have not been good for the conditions. Since rain frightens people away, it has given a little bit of a chance to recover our stamina before the next bout of weekend.


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