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March 15, 2005

All The Things You Never Knew About Me (or never wanted to know for that matter)


Here's some things about me that people might find interesting or the opposite.

1. I am not Hawaiian…but have a Hawaiian name.
2. I love to cook and was accepted to 3 culinary schools before deciding to travel the world.
3. I was a Pre-Med major.
4. I changed my major to Mass Communications – Journalism.
5. I hate to run.
6. I’ve been caught shoplifting at Wal-Mart as a teenager with my friend…and consequently was banned from Wal-Mart for a long time and had to pay a hefty fine.
7. I was caught going back into Wal-Mart but they let it slide ‘cause I was with my grandparents.
8. I am addicted to surfing the web.
9. I hate the word raunchy.

10. I can’t stand small towns in America (I know first-hand, as I was raised in one).
11. I strongly dislike George W. Bush.
12. I was a bed-wetter…for a long time.
13. I’ve been told I look like Tracey Gold…or at least smile like her.
14. I wish I looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones.
15. I love soy sauce.
16. I hate people who tell me what to do.
17. I claim I know more languages than I really know.
18. I have a lot of books about travel.
19. I eat Halls like they are candy.
20. I hate rap lyrics…but love the actual music.
21. I can’t stand that weird group of people who call themselves ‘emo’s’, they sit in coffee shops, attend concerts featuring bands that no one knows or ever will know, dress in ties and un-tucked shirts and speak softly.
22. I steal music from the Internet.
23. I love hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows.
24. I have a lot of stuffed animals.
25. I make stuff up occasionally.
26. I love to swim.
27. I’m a really good liar.
28. I’m extremely sensitive, the smallest things can make me cry…but you would never know.
29. I’m not very organized at all.
30. I used to have light OCD, but not really anymore.
31. I love Cool Waters.
32. I can make myself cry.
33. The color blue makes me happy.
34. I like to do what people tell me not to do.
35. I used to dress my little brother up like a girl, ‘cause I wanted a sister.
36. I often befriend people I feel sorry for or date them.
37. I say thank you too much.
38. I like to buy gifts for people.
39. I have a love/hate relationship with my glasses.
40. I straighten my hair a lot…even though I’m told it looks better curly.
41. I shave my arms.
42. I’ve cheated.
43. I talk to my animals.
44. I love food.
45. I’ve driven tipsy 2 times.
46. I love construction paper.
47. I’ve showed off in front of boys.
48. I’ve taken anti-depressants.
49. I skipped most of my junior year of high school.
50. As I did my senior year…
51. I graduated with honors.
52. Rice is awesome.
53. I own an iPod.
54. I like Parrot Bay mixed with Dairy Queen cherry slushes.
55. I like the smell of gasoline.
56. I cut corners.
57. I take things way to seriously at times.
58. I’ve plagiarized an entire research paper and gotten away with it.
59. My math teachers hated me.
60. I bite my nails.
61. I love chocolate….Hershey’s.
62. Crayons are cool.
63. I like to watch people play Final Fantasy.
64. I can dance.
65. I can kick ass on Counter Strike.
66. I like Flintstones vitamins.
67. I wore braces.
68. I have a short attention span.
69. I like every genre of music.
70. I like cold sheets and pillows.
71. My favorite animal is a rabbit.
72. ‘The Funny Little Woman’ was my favorite book as a kid.
73. I like candles.
74. I like extreme sports.
75. I used to own a blanket I called ‘Stinky’ that I carried everywhere as a child.
76. I can play the violin, guitar, bass guitar and saxophone…a little bit.
77. I bite my lips.
78. I like guys who are adventurous.
79. Being funny will get me every time.
80. I love being random…and enjoy being around other people who are the same way.
81. I shake my legs a lot when I am nervous or bored.
82. I don’t suck up to people…some might think I do, but actually I am just being nice.
83. I love to read travel blogs.
84. I’ve loved all of my boyfriends’ families.
85. I like to have a tan.
86. Grass is good.
87. I used to be quite a tomboy.
88. I like to wrap my legs around pillows when I sleep.
89. I enjoy severe thunderstorms.
90. I like the mountains.
91. I like to drive around a listen to music.
92. I’ve lived overseas.
93. I cut my uniform skirt shorter at my old private school.
94. I like going to hockey games.
95. I like to read.
96. I hate people to pay for things for me.
97. I like to play my music loud.
98. I don’t like dirty words that refer to private parts.
99. I want to live in Asia.
100. I like the NY Yankees.
101. I passed out while scuba diving once (against the current) and have been scared ever since.
102. All the CD’s I own are scratched.
103. I love to tell people stories and show them pictures.
104. I like to go to clubs.
105. Tequila is my enemy.
106. I like Victoria’s Secret a lot
107. and Williams and Sonoma.
108. I do crazy things when people give me reasons to.
109. Sometimes I like to drive fast.
110. I’ve always wanted to be a model.
111. I have big feet.
112. I’ve been offered a job by a pimp driving a Prowler in Honolulu.
113. Homeless people are interesting.
114. I drink a lot of water now.
115. I quit drinking carbonated beverages.
116. I smoked once when I was 14.
117. I have friends all over the world.
118. I’ve dated men of many races.
119. I don’t like jocks…unless I just want to show them off.
120. I can’t stand fat, beer belly carrying, wing eating, loud American men found a sports bars and Superbowl parties.
121. I have brown eyes that turn green when I get mad.
122. I don’t really like alcoholics.
123. I really like to go to the bookstore.
124. I like to visit my grandparents.
125. I enjoy roadtrips and long plane rides.
126. Rapids are fun.
127. I hate war and high gas prices.
128. I detest Ann Coulter.
129. I like video games a lot, especially Nintendo (Mario!)
130. I like to play The Sims and Theme Hospital.
131. I really like to drink wine.
132. I have a good metabolism.
133. I don’t like to eat beef that often….don’t like the taste that much.
134. I’ve had alcohol poisoning before and I’ve also saved the life of someone else who had it.
135. I clean my ears a lot.
136. I closed my eyes and let a hermit crab pinch me just to see how it felt.
137. I did the same thing with a snapping turtle.
138. I love to drink V8.
139. Fried catfish is really good with a lot of tartar sauce.

Posted by Kailani on March 15, 2005 07:06 PM
Category: About Me

hah when i read the headline i supposed you had like 20 facts or something but 139 is really more than anyone prolly ever wants to know ;)

Posted by: Dennis on March 15, 2005 07:37 PM everyone knows more than they ever wanted to know. I started writing them and the list kept going. :)

Posted by: Kailani on March 15, 2005 07:44 PM

Hi there,

I say just go do it, don't worry about the planning too much, or money...screw it, figure out the basics and take off!! I'm in the middle of kinda planning the same trip, eastern europe over to russia to mongolia to china. I'm in Switzerland now having been through russia and half of eastern europe so far. I was only planning on being gone for a few weeks and here I am a few months later looking at a few more!

Money-wise I think I have a bit less than you and I am hoping that will get me through to china from here! Who knows, all I can say is your most careful plans go out the window after the plane takes off!

Best wishes,


Posted by: Tristan on March 16, 2005 09:49 AM

We have one thing in common: I love to read travel blogs.


Posted by: myworldtotravel on March 16, 2005 12:41 PM

Tristan: I am so tempted to just go now. I am extremely impatient.. but then I think about the amount of time I'll be able to spend on the road with the money I have and I decide to wait. I'm gonna earn some more...but if I fall into some extra cash...IM OUTTA HERE BABY! haha
:) I've been cutting out quite a few western european countries cause they are expensive, this will allow me to leave with less money..therefore leave sooner! I believe the bulk of my trip will be spent in China and SE Asia, mostly Kuching Malaysia...because I lived there for 4 years and I still have a few friends there. I had a dream about the place last night!
Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

Posted by: Kailani on March 16, 2005 03:45 PM

MyWorldToTravel: Oh yeah! I can't stay away from the damn things, like The Global Trip blog, that one is very addictive! I guess I'm just living through other peoples travels until I can get out on my own!

Posted by: Kailani on March 16, 2005 03:47 PM

Cutting out Western Europe is definitely the way to go. One week in Paris would be like a month in EE! And Asia, not counting Japan, will be even better!! I will probably be taking the trans-siberian to Mongolia around May or so, at least that is the plan so far.......who knows

Posted by: Tristan on March 16, 2005 06:08 PM

Tristan: Same here, I'm doing the Trans-Siberian through Mongolia as well, actually I am going to do point to point tickets so I can stop and spend some time in Irkutsk and Ulaan Baatar, I'd like to see Lake Baikal as well as spend a little time in the Mongolia outdoors. I'll probably be travelling that leg of the trip in Novemberish- early December.

Posted by: Kailani on March 16, 2005 07:58 PM

139 Obscure facts about yourself takes quite a lot of introspection! I find a lot of these rather interesting.
11: I'm of the opinion that its more then just George W alone. It is probably most of his Staff and many leaders of other countries as well. Don't forget about American society either. I think our society is just as much at fault for letting things like Bush happen while Clinton was almost impeached for an affair.
20:I'm just the opposite, I like some rap lyrics(like Eminem), but not really any of the music.
21:LOL! thats absoluetly hilarious.
25: I do this often. Uasally when I think of something that could have happened that would have been funny.
49,50,51: Ahh the percs of being a smart kid. I got a 28 on my ACT and i smoked a lot that morning. And it wasnt tobacco....
53: iPods rock. I call mine Westinghouse.
55: I like diesel exhaust.
63: I play a lot of RPG's, and I dont think I could watch someone play. Especially the menu-driven ones. Although maybe FFVII....
65: I play Halo2, a bit different game, but still FPS.
91: My friend and I (back when I had a job), used to go on what we called drives. We'd get in my car, put on the iPod, and drive for hours in one direction, trying to get to stars(this close to Chicago, you can hardly see the north star sometimes).

Posted by: Keyla on March 18, 2005 01:03 PM
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