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March 04, 2005

MMM..Chocolate Chip Cookies....


So these cookies here are pretty good! Made some last night, oh how comforting and tasty.

Anyway! Not much has happened this week as far a planning goes besides me getting a lot of info on visas (Russian and Chinese) from Thorntree, some nice people there helped me out!
Also I entered in some of Steve Savages (the great backpacker and big inspiration) competitions! (for travel insurance, sleeping bags, sleep mats, Couchsurfing t-shirts, Teva's etc..) You can do it yourself by going here (be sure and read the bottom of the page..the small print):

He also has a new book out chronicling his most recent travels to tons of different countries! You all might be interested! Read more about him on his website

Between planning and working I've been packing and a new house..the worst thing in the world if you have a lot of stuff, but it gives me a good opportunity to sort through it all in preparation for a huge spring garage sale! $$$$$$
Today I think we will lose our internet connection, until monday, but I'm not for sure.
Well towmorrow is my birthday!!! 20 years old!!!! yay!
I think my family is taking me out to eat, I hope I get all the guide books I asked for ;)
Time to go back to the chocolate chip cookies, well maybe...I feel kind of sick.

What I Am Reading Now: 'Anything But Missouri Mate!' by Steve Savage
What I Am Listening To Now: The Soft Crunching Noises of Chocolate Chip Cookies
Current Savings For Trip: $3,900

Posted by Kailani on March 4, 2005 10:28 AM
Category: The Planning Phase

ok first off, it is already the 5th here, happy birthday!

well some time till mine birthday but well 16 days isnt a lot.
well going with friends will definetly be great, it has a few reasons though.
one of them is that i am a damn sissy heh and another one is that i am going to study somewhere distant from here in octobre, so i am going with my "high school" mates, you know it is some kind of good bye. well not high school in the typical american sense, more like the german equivalent.. ;)
you'll definetly meet a lot of people there, you would have to be really strange to not meet anyone on the road i suppose. 3 months is definetly dope but still i'd like to go more.
should be sufficient for now though, i really want to start studying anyway (prolly economy and politics of eastasia (including either chinese or japanese language study). so when i do a year abroad i'll have time to travel extensivly there too.
somehow it is weird but noone ever wants to go to germany to backpack, everyone goes to italy, spain aso but barely anyone dares to come here although germany is beautiful in some parts (most people just go to berlin, dont understand the fuzz).
prague is definetly worth a visit as i heared from a few friends who been there recently. pretty cheap when it comes to partying, booze and everything else ;) + beautiful architecture and a lot to see.
me personally i've been to talinn before, well once did a 2 week backpacking trip through estonia, a really beautiful country, amazing scenery aso.
it was pretty cheap back then but i dont know how the prices changed with the introduction of the euro (i hope they already have the euro and i am not babblin bullshit).
how come you wanna go to mallorca heh, mallorca might have its good sites but since all these boozehead germans go to the ballermann there i am not really interested in it ;).
once me and a few friends had the sick plan to go to mongolia because noone ever goes there, well atleast local folks, but it somehow faded away.

the most important thing for you is to focus on your goal to travel around the world. a lot of people lose the interest or something when they hesitate for too long, and life often crosses your plans. suddenly you have a new bf and you dont want to forsake him by moving around the world for a year or whatever, ;)

i will definetly follow your blog if you keep on posting more regularly, heh after all i need entertainment while the time i still got doing my civilian service stuff (9 months, done in april, conscription system aso).

ah btw if you want to visit germany, and i am around here at the time you come to europe i can maybe give you the opportunity to crash at my study place. well if we stay in contact till then and if you arent afraid of some blog-girl serial killer or something;) we will see as time comes.

so i hope you have a lot of fun on your birthday and i hope that you'll post a new entry before monday.

so long...

PS: somehow this is more like an email than a blog commentary

Posted by: Dennis on March 4, 2005 06:54 PM
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