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Motivational song lyrics

You might be wondering what kept us busy during the snowstorm at Mawenzi Tarn; we actually stayed quite busy as we prepared for our summit attempt.  In fact, we were creating song lyrics to chant as we climbed the peak.  And now we’ve decided to share those with you.  Oh!  And, Jill practiced her summit moves, complete with mittens on and slow motion arm swings to demonstrate how exactly she was going to be instigating forward motion up at 5800m.  of course, I’m not sure how helpful this was as she forgot to practice the vomiting….

Song 1 (to the tune of Louis-Louis by the Kings):

Pole, pole*; Oooo, baby, wanna keep it slow; Yeah yeah yeah yeah 

Pole. Pole; I’m climbing to the top of Kibo; Yeah yeah yeah yeah 

*Swahili for “slowly, slowly”  which are the instructions you are supposed to follow when climbing Kili, to avoid AMS.  Our guide apparently did not know this.   

Song 2 (to the tune of We Will Rock You by Queen):

We will, we will, Sum-mit; Vomit on our face; Won’t be a disgrace; Walk like a zombie, this isn’t a race

We will, we will, Sum-mit  

Song 3 (to the tune of Walk This Way): Walk like a Zombie; Talk like a Zombie ; Climb like a Zombie(we didn’t get very far with this one….)

Song 4 (to the tune of We Wish you a Merry Christmas):

We wish you acclimatization; We wish you acclimatization; We wish you acclimatization; So you can get to the top!

Good fartings we bring; To climbers on their way; Good fartings of acclimatization; So you can get to the top!  

Song 5 (to the tune of Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride):

I flew away to Tanzania; In a little aircraft to find ya; Kili said “you ain’t gonna conquer me”; Now here I am and I’m climbing your peak 

Ain’t nothin’ gonna break-a my stride; Ain’t nothin’ gonna speed me up; Oh no, I’ve got to move on slowly; Ain’t nothin’ gonna break-a my stride; No way I’m gonna turn around; Oh no, I’ve got to pole-pole


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5 responses to “Motivational song lyrics”

  1. Juli says:

    OKAY, I can tell you’ve gotten in to the African wine!!!

  2. Judi says:

    So what about safari?

  3. TAnya says:

    you should have taken an African drum – just for the beat

  4. Jill says:

    Funny, these song lyrics seemed so much better at 15,000ft…. 🙂

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