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Last one from Sydney, for now

We’re actually in Cairns now, and have WiFi! I wanted to write about a few last things from Sydney though. On Friday we took a tour of the Opera House and it’s pretty amazing inside too. Incredibly the design we all know and love now was rejected at first. Thankfully they reconsidered.

We got to see another icon, they Sydney Tower, up close. We had drinks at the revolving bar/restaurant at the top and were treated to great views of the city and some crazy lightening too. Great idea, Steven!

Finally, we’ve been following the Rugby World Cup which is huge here. The Kangaroos have been hopping all over their completion, so we thought we better learn a little something about the game. Roughly speaking, we’ve figured out most of the game, but here are a few parallels to American Football: Try = Touchdown (but it’s only 4 points), Conversion = PAT (but it’s 2 points), the 5/8 = quarterback (except that he can kick it away when it seems favorable). It can be pretty exciting, but the last few games have been one-sided – Australia shut out Fiji 52-0.

More soon from Queensland.

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One Response to “Last one from Sydney, for now”

  1. Ryan Hunt Says:

    Glad to see you made it to my home ‘town’ and you’re leaning a thing or two about ‘aussie-isms’ 🙂

    I’ve never heard it called the ‘Sydney Tower’ I’ve always called it ‘Centrepoint tower’ even though it hasn’t been called that in probably a decade… 🙂

    Keep moving and enjoying yourselves!

    – Ryan.

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