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Italy Pictures 2

Cinque Terra - Rimaggiore

Cinque Terra - Another City

Cinque Terra - View of the Ocean

Cinque Terra- Village with Ocean in Background

Cinque Terra - From the Cliffside

Cinque Terra - A Narrow Path

Rome - The Colosseum

Rome - Greg at the Colosseum

Rome - The Lion's Den

Arch of Constantine

Rome - Palantine Hill

Rome - Remains of the Forum

Rome - Tomb of the Forgotten Soldier

Rome - Obelisk

Rome - Pantheon

Rome - Villa Borghese

Rome - Parking Job

Rome - Derelict Scooter

Rome - Metro Strikers

Rome - Greg at Trevi Fountain

Rome - St. Peter's Basillica

Rome - One of Many Beautiful Ceilings

Rome - A Room in the Vatican

Rome - Greg at the Vatican

Rome - Vatican Entrance

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