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You know its going down

Hey guys!!

 I have spent everyday at the beach here in Salvador.  I am even running into people I met last year!!  Me and on of my flatmates Nigel spent the past 5 hours just sunning and swimming on the very crowed beach of Porto Barra.  Yesterday me and one of my bahian pals (thats someone from Salvador) went to this very chill spot…hardly no one was there!!

 Salvador is surrounded by three side by ocean so there are plenty of beaches to go see.  This guy named Sinval sells beach chairs and umbrellas.  He really took care of Nigel and me.  He even said tomorrow I don~t even had to pay for my chair (which costs 2 Reals or 1 doller) or umbrella (which costs 3 Reals or 1.50 US dollars).  I got vendors to sell my grilled cheese, shrimp, water and coconut ice cream. 

One of the people from the UK never stepped foot on the beach so we took her today and she loves it.  In fact she said “Candis, please get me tomorrow!!”

This trip to Brazil this time seems so familar.  Im know the customs and how to haggle things down.    However speaking spanish in Nicaragua has my Portuguese sounding terrible.  I am speaking with a spanish accent!!

 Here are some pics from yesterday at the chill beach at sunset.



I wore this loong skirt to the beach so I could lay on it…when I shook off the sand one of my friends just had to take a picture:



 Well gotta run…have to rinse this sand off me now.  And Feliz Ano Nueve (Happy New Years)!!


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4 responses to “You know its going down”

  1. betty says:

    Hi CandisnrI’m glad you are enjoying Salvador. The picture looks like a postcard, so serene and nrelegant, the waters are so inviting, but not me, you are in your element with the swimming. I’m happy you persuaded someone to go to the beach for the first time. I also, know how you like to haggle with the best of them. Good luck and you should have taken a picture with the dress on, it looks marvelous. You go girl, looking like your Aunt.nrnrLovenrnrAunt Betty

  2. Lillie Loggins says:

    Hi Candis, William and I am loving the sites that you are visiting, see you have fun.

  3. lindsey says:

    hey girl!!! feliz ano neuve to you too! sounds like you are havin a blast…wish i was at the beach! any warm weather would do! i had a great sober new years…hehe. it was fun. well hope all is well as i know it is…peace and love, linz

  4. Kim Gamm says:

    Hey Candis! I am so jealous of you at this moment-that beach looked awesome! Hope you had a great New Year! See you back in town! travel safe and stay out of trouble-well just try Candis!
    Love you! Kim

  5. Nneka says:

    Hey Sis!
    Looks like you are having a great time on the beach and stuff. Working on your lines. It was greathaving you in Nicaragua. Everyone say hello. Soak up the sun while you can. THe next trip to brazil I am signing up for cause I am working on my portugese.
    Much Love,

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