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Leaving Nicaragua

As you can see, Nicaragua is a beautifully place with warm people.  I had to say goodbye to Nneka this morning which really was a bummer.  She took a picture of us before I got on the plane though:


And as I flew away I looked out of the window and saw the lakes and volcanoes Nicaragua is famous for – this is a pic of Volcanoe Masalya which as you can see is active.  In fact it blows smoke and gas out everyday and is a common sight:


That wraps up my Nicaragua recap…stay turned for Brazil 🙂


-1 responses to “Leaving Nicaragua”

  1. betty says:

    Hi Candis
    I know you were sorry to be leaving
    I know you are enjoying yourself, so continue
    with your next stage. The volcano looks like
    it could erupt at any time.

    Aunt Betty

  2. Kevin Lassiter says:

    What it do, Candis Baby!

    How you livin’. Hope your havin’ a blast doing all this exploration and discovery! Can you find some time to look for me some gold in them thar hills!?! Better yet, Can you find some time to just take me with you next time? Be safe. Holla.

  3. assia says:

    Those volcanoes would terrify me.

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