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Just Chilling

Hey everyone…I haven’t been doing tourisy stuff this trip. I have been just chilling on the beach everyday. New Years Eve was incredible as usual!! Check out my roomates before we went out, the one on the left is one of our bahian friends:

new years.jpg


girls new years eve.jpg

I had a late late night(lol). Did you know that the moon sets here the same way as the sun. It even turns yellow as it sets into the ocean. After midnight there is a fireworks show from barges in the ocean…then I ran into the ocean to take a midnight swim.

When I came out a priestess bless me and anointed me with this great smelling oil. You won’t believe the tan lines I have…I’m literally a “Sexual Chocalate”…check out those tan lines…this was in the Pelerino(sp??) historic district at a concert:


Tuesday nights   are really hoping there…they had like 6 different concerts going on at the same time…so you know it was really packed.

We had a really fun time at the beach hanging with our Bahian friends constant drinks and laughs..heres  me with crazy Diego:


And heres one walking back to the condo:


I had a great time traveling I can~t believe I only have one full day left.  Im leaving the morning of the 5th and I´ll definetly treasure the great times I had.  Maybe I´ll post another entry…if not call me for the real details when I get home :0

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-4 responses to “Just Chilling”

  1. betty says:

    Hi CandisnrThe pictures are beautiful. I’m feeling sad already, cause you only have one more day. Have fun and see you when you get home (a phone call). nrnrLovenrnrAunt Betty

  2. Lillie Loggins says:

    Wow. I’m glad you’re having so much fun. The pictures are nice, love ma ma

  3. Zara says:

    Loving the pictures, but my head really isnt that big… I think you distorted it!!!

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