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Christmas Day

The last day Nneka’s host parents took me on a drive around the countryside outside of Managua.  We hit up several little towns and on the way I got some wonderfull scenic views:



They visited thier godson whose father is a farmer.  He grows, coffee, banannas and pineapples.  This region of Nicaragua is known as the Valley of the Pineapples.  Here is me with the farmer with my pineapple I picked myself as well as a view of the Pineapple Valley:


We also saw a Laguna whose water is kept warm by the volcanic activity.  This was Sandino’s favorite place to meditate:


We also visited his birthplace.

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One Response to “Christmas Day”

  1. betty says:

    Wish I could have that pineapple, about now. Keep the pictures coming.

    Aunt Betty

  2. assia says:

    Those pictures are just beautiful. What camera do you have?

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