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December 18, 2003

Hippy Pizza in Siem Reap

"From all the people I've talked to," said Claudia, "everyone here is stoned all the time."

Eugene friends, take note and start packing.

In my hippy-haven home of Eugene, there's this awesome pizzeria called Pizza Research Institute. We always joke about going there for "hippy pizza" or, as a friend of my old boss Sean called it, "Asparagus and DOPE pizza." PRI's zza is great stuff, but you get a certain, well, buzz after eating it that makes you wonder if it really was oregano in the shaker jar.

Now, in Cambodia pot is illegal, just as it is in India, Thailand, the U.S., etc. According to our LP, while sooner or later the marijuana laws might start being enforced more strictly, the law is generally ignored and pot is everywhere. Some traditional Khmer (not the murdering bastards from the 70s, that's the Khmer Rouge; Khmer itself refers to Cambodian culture) dishes even call for pot as an ingredient.

Which has me wondering about all the pizza joints here.

Kristin, the manager at Earthwalkers guesthouse, gave us a very informative tourist pamphlet for Siem Reap that has a great list of restaurants and taverns. Just about all the pizzerias have names that are something hippyish or maybe drug-allusioned; perhaps Eugene expats have already landed here, forming the cornerstoned of Siem Reap pizza culture?

You tell me:

  • Ecstatic Pizza
  • Fungi Pizza
  • Good Karma
  • Happy Herb Pizza

    Posted by Ant on December 18, 2003 01:51 AM
    Category: Cambodia
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    Did you know that Eugene, Oregon is mentioned in some popular rap/grung song? I forget the name...but I thought of you when they said it.

    Posted by: Stephanie on December 19, 2003 03:46 PM

    It's a Sublime song... April 26(?), 1992, about riots across the U.S. The part you're talking about is near the end of the song, when he's shouting out a list of all the cities!

    Posted by: Ant on December 21, 2003 04:37 AM

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