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December 16, 2003

Many Days Passing Without a Post

It's been almost a week since my last post and I feel guilty.

Ant's a prolific poster, I'm more of a "when stuff happens" sort of poster I guess. Stuff has been going on, but I've been a bit lazy and a bit under the weather to get too excited about anything lately.

We went from Chiang Mai, a city of shopping evil, to Nan, a town where nothing was going on. We arrived on a Saturday and when I tried at 6:30pm to go rent us a motorbike, the shop was already closed. Huh? THen, we went to the night market, which was closed by 8 PM. What gives in this town??

Nan did have some good points though. The style of the wats was visibly different and show the Lanna type of architecture, which was pretty funky. Dragons wrapped around whole buildings, loads of detail, and not as much mirror work. Ant and I also found a nifty little shop that is run for local craftsman and bought a few things.

The highlight of the trip had to be the night market on Sunday night. We got there around 7 and already people were starting to close up shop. It was the usual bananas, fish, eggs, oranges, waffles, meat, chicken heads, etc. I told Ant I was going to wander over in the banana section because the stench of the meat was bothering my queasy tummy (we've both had projectile vomit in the last few days). As I unsuccessfully tried to convince one of the banana sellers I didn't need a kilo of mini-bananas, only a half kilo (or less) I heard a sound I am getting mighty used to:

Squeals of laughter.

This is how I can usually find Anthony. Being a young cute farang, he gets more than a fair share of attention from the Thai ladies, who can be VERY forward. In fact, I often threaten to throw him to the Thai go-go dancers to get eaten alive when he's irked me. Anyway, even though I was half a football field away I could find exactly where he was from all the screaming and giggling.

I eventually wandered over to see Ant being oggled at over a bunch of chicken heads by a very excited group of Thai women. He was given a cup of Chang beer (an attempt to lower his inhibitions methinks) and I walk up right as he is chugging it down. I can't take this guy anywhere without him getting into trouble!! The ladies seem very disappointed at my appearance, and finally calm down a bit. I've broken up the party.

As we round the chicken head stalls, another guy (who had asked Ant if he was in need of a lady's lower bits) offers Ant a cup with some strong smelling pink liquid in it. It's some sort of moonshine drink and Ant downs it as his pimp friend points at me half heartedly and gives me a thumbs up. THANKS buddy.

We finally head back to the room and Ant is half in the bag and slightly giggly himself. We stopped on the way for ice cream on the way, and I craved peanut butter. (I have been wanting peanut butter since I saw a jar of it in Mel's apartment weeks ago.)

In the morning we got to our bus without a hitch, and got into Bangkok around 6:45pm, after 10+ hours of traveling. We broke down and went to get steaks at the Outback which was right near our hotel. By the time I got my much looked forward to steak (nearly moo-ing as well), I'm on to another craving. Figures. I suppose I'm just sick of soup, noddles and things on sticks all the time as food....

All is good, Bangkok is a great city, and today we are enjoying just being around town. Later we will be going to a club with Mel and the Bangkok crew. We won't be too crazy though because we leave super early for the adventure of getting our bums into Cambodia some time round midday. Wish us luck!!!

(Oh, and Steph, Angkor Wat is our reason for going through all the effort. If you've seen Tomb Raider, you've seen Angkor Wat. When I post about it, I'll put up some links to pics.)

Posted by Claudia on December 16, 2003 02:27 AM
Category: Thailand

I'm so glad for your post. I thought that perhaps you had sold Anthony for some silk for a good price. You seem a little weary and in need of some rest. Please take care and enjoy.
Guess you heard about Saddam. He seems less the tough guy and big man. Bugs, head lice and living in a hole will do that.
Love you. Mom

Posted by: mom on December 16, 2003 06:58 AM

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