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December 11, 2003

Always travel with Nancy

When in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, it doesn't really matter what guidebook you have, just as long as you also pick up a Nancy Chandler Map. It's not uncommon for me and Claudia to leave the LP in the room, and just take Nancy with us. In doubt or wandering where we are? "Have a look at Nancy," we say, and all gets sorted out.

The maps are well-illustrated, accurate, informative, and quirky. They look like they were drawn with highlighters and written on with gel pens. Restaurants, guesthouses, wats, markets, shops, you name it — the goods are all, well, highlighted for you. There are also close-up of major areas of town; the Chiang Mai map, for example, zooms in on the Old City and the Night Bazaar, and it also zooms out to show surrounding areas that make great jaunts.

Posted by Ant on December 11, 2003 06:42 AM
Category: Thailand

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