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Weekend in Birmingham

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

I spent a few days in England at the beginning of April. I was 31 weeks pregnant when I travelled. William felt the baby move and was subjected to my new need for many pillows while sleeping. We went shopping for baby clothes at Adams and Mothercare. It was really great to have a small chance to share our anticipation and talk about the future face to face.

I really got a kick out of the way he laughed when he felt the baby move, because it’s the reaction I first had as well. I’m almost 36 weeks now and we’re both excited about our soon to be expanded family. And we’re both trying to focus on the joy of the occasion and not on the sadness of being separated.

I think Birmingham is the second largest city in England. The weather was nice enough for us to get in some walking. William was very good about slowing down to pregnant lady speed. Unfortunately, the only tips I have are for the location of the baby stores.