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OWL ludwig quiz

it has bean a long time since i did a ludwig quiz… sorry…… anyway this is a quiz involving owls.

my mom and I met an owl rescuer and he has lots of owls, but 2 of them are so cool…. he rescues birds of prey, fixes them, then releases them back into the wild. he has rescued over 3800 raptors…. thats pretty much an owl a day for 10 years……holy crap… the 2 owls i mentioned are named amber – the bigger one- and sky – the smaller one. they are huge, like i mean huuuuuuge! You can see in these pictures how huge they are…..

owl rescuer dude aka tommy is 2 feet away from the bird so there is very little distance between them. the size of the bird in that picture is real – that bird is half the size of that man…..

see the ludwig quiz below

1) one of the biggest birds in the world the ______ owl was hunted out of scotland in the 18th century.  they are starting to return now. what species is this owl?

a) gerbil owl

b) grey owl

c) scottish horned owl

d) european eagle owl

e) english barn owl

2) which of the following animals does the ______ owl like to eat? there are multiple answers, each correct answer is worth 2 WITWIL points

a) rabbits

b) cats

c) small dogs such as pomeranians

d) big dogs such as german shepherds

e) deer

f) all of the above

3) the owl seen in this picture goes by the name ______ here is a hint she is the bigger bird.

here is a picture of Amber looking grumpy because she is hungry.

here is a picture of Amber thinking a feather we droped was food and is checking it out.

here is a picture of Amber and sky chilling out on there posts.

here you see Amber, wondering what to do with ludwig.

enjoy the quiz and the pictures everyone


One response to “OWL ludwig quiz”

  1. adell says:

    started to wonder what had happened to you two! glad Ludwig is chillin with the great horned scottich owl (?) beautiful creature (ludwig of course!) have a roaring good time in Scotland, don’t forget to get a kilt!
    miss yall!

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