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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Hi everybody. Well – I’ve been back a month. I’m slowly readjusting to life at home. No more repacking my backpack (in fact, all of my travel gear is now up in the attic), no more moving on, so far not a lot of new scenery. I’ve been working on getting the house in order, and now that that is improving, I’m focusing on getting a job.

I’ve also started up a new blog, that will be mostly movie-focused. I probably won’t be able to update quite as much as I’d like until I get a new laptop, but if anyone is interested; this will be the new address;¬†The title is “So… what are we doing for New Years?” Kudos to anyone who gets those 2 references.

And that’s it. That’s the end of my travels. Until one day when I am once again financially solvent and I can take off across South America and South-east Asia. And more of Africa. Or until I get an international internship. Or something like that. ūüėČ

musica; It’s all over – Garbage

I’m just trying to get some more songs on the album

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Ok – I have an actual update, but I’m just going to put these up while I’m thinking about it;

7 Christmas movies that need R-rated remakes

There are a whole bunch more top 10/ bottom 10 lists out, including cinematicals 25 hottest, 25 lamest, EW’s top 20¬†films (yay Zodiac and Jesse James!), the 10 worst, the best and worst tv (what?! No Office? No Lost? Clearly not a very good list), best and worst albums, 10 best songs (it includes Justin Timberlake, so grain of salt), a second opinion of the best in tv¬†(yay CSI!), 10 best books, ¬†and the NY Times critics; A O Scott, Manohla Dargis, and Stephen Holden. I’m glad Zodiac and the Wind that Shakes the Barley got some shout-outs, but no one for Jesse James? really?

Also – and this is something I was thinking about for a while – have you ever identified an actor (particularly tv actors) with a particular role so strongly that when they guest on another show, you find it jarring? Like, hey! What’s Mac doing on the island? Or why is Stephen Colbert forging things?

the Strange Wilderness trailer (I think this makes me laugh a lot because I actually watch nature programs)

the Mama Mia teaser (I was wondering who the cute groom was, until I realized it was Dominic Cooper from the History Boys. Yay!)

the 21 trailer (I love Kevin Spacey)

the Beatles. Which from what I hear tell is the best part of Walk Hard. Justin Long as George Harrison cracks me up.

musica; starlight – muse. on repeat.

Back in SF

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
Well - getting back to the US went mostly smoothly. The supershuttle was late, as usual, but I had told them my flight was an hour earlier than it actually was, so that was ok. Enormous line to check bags, ... [Continue reading this entry]

Can’t forget

Thursday, December 20th, 2007
The SAG noms are out! I don't have time for a full squawk, but at least this awards season is all over the map, after last year's incredibly boring "Forest Whitaker... Helen Mirren..." snooze-fest. Snubbing Johnny? oh so ... [Continue reading this entry]

Last post from abroad?

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007
Well, unless I get bored at the airport tomorrow. (Hint; look for it). First up; I LOVE New Zealand's Inland Revenue department. They are courteous, friendly, helpful, competent people. Everytime I've called (4 times, maybe?) I've spoken with really great people ... [Continue reading this entry]

A couple of last minute travel bits

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Well hell. I started writing this post a week ago, and it seems to have been lost. Hmmm... and I am running out of internet time. Ok - well I was going to post my ... [Continue reading this entry]

I love this

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007
This has got to be the best holiday video EVER CREATED: Check it out on youtube. I'm not sure which part I love best; Brandon singing with absolutely no facial expressions while wrapped in a hand-knit Christmas sweater The fact that he's ... [Continue reading this entry]

I like laughing, cause it makes me happy

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
I still cannot get through to the payroll department, which is really annoying. I have to get through by tomorrow morning if I want to hand in this tax refund request. Sheesh. I finished up the fall in 47th place for ... [Continue reading this entry]

why are they singing odes to pressed meat?

Monday, December 17th, 2007
Yeah - not much new to report. Wandering around the city. Finished Light Thickens by Ngaio Marsh (I enjoyed it, because the bulk of the book was about rehearsing a play - the murder was a total afterthought), and now ... [Continue reading this entry]


Sunday, December 16th, 2007
Photos are up here for whale watching and Karori. Also I highly recommend you check the following out; Harry Potter and Stephen Colbert (I'm still pissed youtube took down all the old report bloopers). And ... [Continue reading this entry]