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Little White Sugar Cubes

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

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Left in the morning for Santorini on a 8-hour ferry ride. Never has the world seen so much gin rummy played in one day! Got to Santorini around 3pm, picked up at the port by one of the owners of our hotel. Another way up is on donkey-back, so you have to watch out for the doody. Santorini sits one one side of a caldera, so the scenery is very, very dramatic; our ride up from the port was practically vertical. All the houses here look like little sugar cubes, and the landscape is actually very barren, with low scrub and not many trees. The towns look like little fairy tale places, with cobblestone streets and the white buildings clinging to the cliffs. We turned a corner in Thira, the main town, and there it was – the postcard shot you always see with the church with the blue roof and the cliff in the background. We spent the first day wandering and ate – you guessed it -Greek food! I had moussaka, which in retrospect was a little heavy for hot weather. Witnessed a gorgeous sunset over the island, though we’d been told we should go to Oia (prounounced eee-ah) for the BEST SUNSET IN THE WORLD! Over the next few days, we managed to cover the island, taking buses everywhere for 1.30 Euro, which is about 1.80 – very reasonable. We went to Oia, which was just as lovely, but got the shaft on the sunset, people. It was hazy and lame, and a complete public relations failure. I intend to write a strongly worded letter to the Santorini board of tourism. Over the next few days, we checked out the black sand beach in Perissa, the red sand beach in Athrotiki, and generally just chilled. Back on the ferry for the slog to Athens and seeing the Acropolis.

Back in Athens, and by coincidence, in a hotel/hostel right across the street from our old one. (Next door to the assault-and-battery bar) No problems though. We high-tailed it to the Acropolis around 4pm, and guess what? It was some holiday or something and it was FREE – usually 13 Euro! Yay us! It was very cool to see, one of those things I can now check off my list. Checked out the museum up there, and walked back to have some dinner at our favorite crepe place (we’re like locals now) and got ready to fly off to Rome the next day. I’d love to come back though, I’d just skip Athens entirely and hit the islands for a few months. Anyone interested?