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Quito – Day 1

I have to be careful to write this entire entry without using an apostrophe as I have yet to figure out how to get one out of the Ecuadorian keyboard. I arrived at the Secret Garden last night and was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually resembled the photos I had seen online. Beds were pretty comfy and the other 6 people in my dorm seem agreeable. The best part of the place is the roof terrace with a stocked bar and hammocks. Check out the view here:

View from Secret Garden

This morning over breakfast I met two girls speaking French and they invited me to go explore with them. My French at this point is better than my Spanish so it was fine, although I need to force myself to speak Espanol. We mostly walked around the colonial part of Quito near our hostel, which is gorgeous:

Colonial Quito

Colonial Quito 2

Now headed to dinner up on that terrace. There are little things I miss, like being able to write apostrophes or throw paper in the toilet, but otherwise I am pretty taken with this country so far. More to come…


2 responses to “Quito – Day 1”

  1. Sir Queafs-a-lot says:

    I have an oxymoronic name. Nevertheless, I enjoy blogstalking you. Drink a cup of tap water for me. Besos!

  2. Joan Carlson says:

    Your Aunt Karen provided this link to me. I am a teacher at Bancroft School here in Worcester and last summer spent some time in Quito, but more time in the Galapagos. I hope you get there. Your pictures of Quito are what I remember. The weather was ideal, but there was a lot of poverty in the city. I enjoyed going to the stand at the equator. I also was amazed at how short your shadow is. Some people on our tour ate fired guinea pig, but I didn’t. Don’t drink any water except what is bottled with legitimate labeling. Lots of chances to pick up parasites. Half of our tour got sick from food, but just be careful. You adventure soounds exciting. How long will you be there? I’ll check in to see you pictures. Have great fun. What an adventure!

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