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May 2-5: Padangbai


We were eager to get back to the beach after being in Ubud for a few days, so we headed to the east coast and the small town of Padangbai. This was  a great place – real quiet and local. There was one main street with a string of small hotels along the water. But the best part was a small lagoon just over a headland- about a 5 minute walk away, called Blue Lagoon. The beach wasn’t “perfect,” but it had inredible coral and reef fish for snorkeling.  Tim and Josh were going to go scuba diving, but the day they were going to go out was windy, wavy, and overcast.  They decided to cancel that day, but never were able to get the diving in because we had to leave the next day. The girls were able to participate in a program of “swimming with the dolphins”.  A huge highlight for them.


Blue Lagoon – great coral for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Our little snorkeling maniac.


We have been on at least 14 different modes of transportation and this was going to be a new one. Except we canceled the dive.


This is where you stand.  It is only about 2 feet across.  The boat only fits 4 people.


We were going to backpacker it for  a hotel.  But when you only get a dark room for $20 dollars, you may as well get this one for $40 with huge, open room with pool and included breakfast.  Was a no brainer for the end of the trip.


Family un shots


If you can not find a wall to paint on, the sand is a perfect legal canvas – Josh’s graphitti


You didn’t see too much of this expression when in India.


The next shots are for Natasha and Annika’s friends.  They got a chance to “swim with the doplphins”.


The cage where the dolphins are kept.  Some may feel this to be cruel, I think the space wa adequate, the water in their own habatat (the ocean), the trainers were real good, and they also trained the dolphins to go outside the pens and “play” while following the boat.




 Hugs and carryingdolphin-4.jpgdolphin-4b.jpgdolphin-5.jpgdolphin-5b.jpg

Shaking hands



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