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April 23-28: Kuta/Legion (Bali)


Our last stop, Blali.  Because we are planning to come home early, the number of days in India and Bali were reduced.  You could spend at least whole month in Bali.  The places we went (see white “circled” areas):

Legion/Kuta/Seminyak – west coast for beach, surfing, tourist crowds

Ubud – interior for Balinese culture, rafting, volcano, rice paddies, batiking

Padangbai – east coast for beach, snorkeling, scuba diving

Kuta/Legion:  Arriving from Singapore, we stayed at a hotel where the dad of one of Tim’s colleagues runs timeshares. He got us a great deal at a hotel in Legion called Jayakarta Bali hotel.  The following pictures show the pool and beach.  Great post-India recovery place.  After 3 days of early rising and long days of travel getting out of India and Singapore, the first two days in Bali the kids slept 14 hours each night.  I guess they were a little wiped out.



Back to the fruit juices and beautiful drink “presentations”.  Memories of the islands.


I forgot the name of this drink, but check out its presentation.  Quite elaborate


A tourist thing to do is go down to this specific beach at sunset and eat seafood on the tables in the sand.


Barbequed lobster and prawns prepared Balinese style.


The first days here we pretty much just relaxed and recovered.  We did sign up for a family group surfing lesson.  Everyone had some form of success.


The surf shop was in the entrance to the Hard Rock Hotel.  After the lesson, we were able to hang out at their pool.


Sunset shots from the beach. 


Oh, to be at the beach again, play in the surf, soak in the sun and sunset, and relax.



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