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Athens in Ruins

We have now walked Athens North to South pretty much in its entirety.  My feet are sore and I need a nap but the sites here are pretty cool.  For those interested, the National Archeology Museum is incredible.

 Athens is a maze.  The street names are all printed in Greek and in English but the English spelling varies from the signs and the maps so it makes things more difficult.  Phonetic pronunciation is required to navigate the streets.  It is a dirty city in general and the neighborhoods we walked down would appear sketchy in any other city.  There are stray dogs everywhere that just lie around.  Most would be attractive animals with a little upkeep.  I don’t like them very much because they are lazy and there are too many pigeons.  The dogs should be able to take care of this problem.

 The Greeks as a people are not attractive.  The very attractive ones are very few and there seem to be many who have been convinced by themselves or others that they are attractive when an objective bystander (me) could tell them otherwise.  For what it’s worth, the Greek women tend to put a lot of emphasis on their good qualities (whatever they may be) but I tend to require a complete package.  I will end the discussion there.

 The weather has been kind to us.  Temperatures range in the 60s and we only had a little rain Monday afternoon and night.  This makes it ideal for walking around.  I credit this to a sacrificial ritual we perfomed in honor of Poseidon upon our arrival here.  Me and Poseidon are homies-4-life now.  We have seen the Acropolis and Hadrian’s Wall among other things.  These are very cool to see but are kept far back behind ropes preventing a intimate feel that would immerse one in ancient culture.  I find this sad, but understand their reasons for doing so.

 At night we have gone out to a restaraunt and drank a little before returning to the hostel to socialize in the bar area.  The workers here have been very kind, especially during a power outage last night.  Three Australians and a Brazilian entertained and informed us while waiting for power to be restored.  Free shots of Ouzo after the lights came back on made for an easy night’s rest.

 Tomorrow we head to Mykonos.  I don’t know what internet access will be like there so this may be the last entry until we get to Germany.  From Mykonos we go to a port in West Greece, take a ferry to Italy, and take a train to Germany to stay with Jay’s host family.  We hope to stop in Bologna to take in fine foods. 

We are having problems getting pictures uploaded so bear with us.  Trust me when I say I’m nothing special to look at anyway.




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  1. Brandi Says:

    ***May you and Jay get along like newlyweds in love for the whole trip****

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  3. Oli Says:

    Have a fantastic time man! Greece has some beautiful coastline if you get the opportunity.

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  5. Martin Says:

    So when the hell does the raven come into the story? I started reading this blog waiting for there to be a Raven and a fucking week later you still have not produced the damn bird!

    Oh well, some people just can’t keep promises about ravens. It’s something I’ve had to have shown to me through almost constant disappointment, but cest la vie.

    On an unrelated note, get people you meet to post on this thing. I want to see what Europe thinks of you.. I could care less what you think of Europe because I’m gonna hear about it when you get back anyway.

    Also, hope all is well.

    Also, Caleb, shave your head. You could be the Vil Diesel of the super contenant!

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