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so like two weeks ago a large storm passed by.  Apparently san jose was like a warzone and the roads were like a four wheel drive obstacle coarse.  Power lines and trees down left and right. We went without electricy and water for a couple of days and the most of the roads were basically washed away.  There was this one place 10 minutes walking distance from the ranch where the whole road washed away and they just dug a new road into the hillside. it was pretty sweet.  the roads have been really bad so the bus couldn´t get through. its only just started coming all the way to mastatal a few days ago-

Alot of people are leaving the ranch. so lowri and i are one of the oldest people at the ranch and the new interns ask us questions and expect us to know the answers.  its a bit nice and a bit intimidating.  As of 4 weeks ago, i have become the bread baking master of the ranch and everyone ask me questions about the ranch and expect me to know the answer.. its okay cause i guess i´m the most qualified for the job… lol..

you guys should mail me stuf because i like getting mail and because i will be mailing youguys stuff because its alot easier than riding on a bus for 2 hours one way to use the internet.. thats like drive to san jose to use the internet and then driving back.. in a ford focus with lets say 10 people… hmm… sounds about right….

rancho mastatal

Apdo 185-6000

Puriscal, San Jose

Costa Rica

dont send anything large or i will never get it…

miss you guys muchos and i would like to hear more about whats going on


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  1. Christopher Donnelly says:

    That sounds intense!! I hope that you are having a great time.. I can’t wait for you to get back! I am finally back in New Jersey and finally bought a hacky-sack.. I think I will name it Jill. So if I mail you something to: Dominique Luong, rancho mastatal, Apdo 185-6000, Puriscal, San Jose, Costa Rica you will get it? I will mail something for sure.. hopefully it gets there.

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