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So if your reading this then this is most likely your first time on my blog. My name is George i live in Manchester, England and only 18 with the dream to travel. Ive been a floor-layer since i was 16 and would say the only thing stopping me from being independant with my work is experience doing my job by my self, anyway im already tired of the same routine week in week out, and i want some excitment whilst im not tied down with, family, mortgage and a dead end job.

Blogging is a brand new adventure for me, so be kind and bare with me. I have no concrete plans for the travelling i want todo, but I know im going to go to Australia in the next couple of months for a 12 month working holiday, so i can save up money to travel South East Asia, and and then were ever the road takes me.

There’s lots to plan and prep before i can start my adventure vagabonding, and i cant wait to start. But first i need to save atleast 2000 pounds, which is the minimum Australia expect me to have when i arrive with my 12 month working visa. So whilst im saving that money up im going to be gathering all my backpacking gear, seeing my doctor for the correct jabs, searching for flights, hostels for when i first get there, and preparing for finding and applying for jobs, and much more…

So this is me until i start to make any more progress.