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    We’re officially tired of Prescott. It’s April 14 and it’s snowing. Cold. 40 degree high. We’re just not made for this type of environment. We are moving back to Mississippi at the end of this month, driving back the cars with whatever we can stuff in them. We’ve been selling all our things, though, and […]

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    So, planning for the Nicaragua trip is 99.9% complete. Now it’s just figuring out what to do beforehand to make some extra cash. We listed all sorts of crap on Craigslist and Amazon: hopefully some will sell. It’s finally yard sale season, so we’ll be getting rid of things left and right. We have both […]

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    It is mid January. Blake and I live in Prescott, AZ. We like it here, but we don’t want to be here forever. It’s too cold during the winter, though it’s very nice in the summer. People in this town are very thoughtful, creative, and compassionate. On the underside, there is still a great deal […]