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MMMM…….. tasty fried Grasshopper


The Sunday night market in Chang Mai is one of the biggest markets we had ever been to. Street after street of vendors selling all kinds of food and home made products. Ive had my eye out for some good fried bugs since we got to Southeast Asia but had no luck. Finally, at the market I found a vendor selling a whole assortment of fried bugs. They had meal worms, grasshoppers, crickets and a couple of other large bugs that looked a lot like a cockroach. I decided to go with the grasshopper as it looked the least scary of the lot.

I cant say that it was the best thing I have eaten or even that it tasted like chicken. It pretty much tasted like… welll…. grasshopper I guess. Just a fried mess of legs and body. Christy had to join in on the fun and tried one herself, the picture that I took of her eating it says it all.

We are now off to Laos where Im sure we will find many more culinary delights.


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  1. ragz says:

    I’ve used to enjoy homemade fried grasshopper, which is rather easy to make. catch a bunch grasshopper, leave in a plastic bag for 24 hr, toss them in hot oil, and sprinkle salt and pepper

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