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Topic: what it's like to be your Grandmother's age and still feeling no older than thirty. The view from the summit is that old age is only a number......the number of footsteps that it took to climb the mountain. That's all it is......ever! No matter what our exterior may look like, our psyche still feels young.

At Last, I Am A Published Author – Times Two!

July 22nd, 2010

At last, my beautiful new book, In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth, is in my hands! This second book of mine took a very, very long time to produce. But, it is finally a reality and so very beautiful that I forgive it for taking the slow boat. My proof copy arrived Monday night and I’ve been reading it ever since.

Real books read differently than computer screens or big page printouts, which is the only way I had seen my book during the months I was working on it or awaiting its appearance from the extremely-slow company, Outskirts Press of Parker, Colorado, that I had hired to do the cover and interior work on it. I’ll not go that route again, but will handle such operations myself.

Now I have placed my bulk order with my printer, Lightning Source, and by next week, will have books to send out to reviewers and to sell over my other blogsite,, as well as my new under-construction website. Soon, there will be a way that you can order one for only $16.95, and then hold one of these beauties in your own hands. By mid-August, it will be sold by and Barnes &, as well as in the bookstores all over the world, along with my first book, Hey Boomers, Dust Off Your Backpacks: Travel The World On A Limited Budget.

If you will recall, this second book is my twelve-year-long interview with The Holy Spirit about a wide variety of questions that I was curious about concerning human beings, our planet and its relationship to other worlds and dimensions. There are many points involving our constant natural questions about spirituality, birth and death, as well as ordinary life itself. It’s a very interesting read.

Next month, my new website covering the spiritual side of my life:, (not ready yet, I’ll let you know when to go there) will be up and running and you may pose any questions that you would like asked of The Holy Spirit. I will answer them in my blog there. And if they mount up enough, another book of questions could result.

So, things are really perking around here. I’m planning my big marketing push for this new book with a talented team of social media professionals who are expert at internet marketing and all those proliferating social media sites. Electronic Word of Mouth!

I’m also working on my third book, And Yet, A Little While, which is a new age fiction, in script form, with stories illustrating the themes of In Secret Diffusion . That will be the first of my series of “Movies For Your Mind” books, of which I have about six already written. This one is almost finished and the cover art is completed, so it will be ready to go to the printer in August.

My fourth book, also a movie script, is The Insatiable Sea, based upon the true story of my father’s attempt to sail around the world in 1935. I will be rewriting it for about the fourth time, because some salty advisers of mine, Rich and Sara Jamula, gave me some excellent suggestions about extending the story to make it even better. I can see exactly how to incorporate their ideas. All I need is a little bit of time to focus exclusively on the task.

Their 60-foot sailing craft is moored at Clearwater Beach while Rich fits new masts. They have lived aboard for the past twelve years and I met them recently when it occurred to me that they could give me tips on the seaworthiness of my story. Father’s manuscript was so complete that I seem to have translated the information in the dialogue and scripting without any goofs. However, the old captain in the story mentions that he is an “old shellback,” and Rich suggested that I capitalize on that nautical tradition which is pretty much unknown to most people these days.

He’s right! I started my research immediately with Wikipedia and learned that sailors receive the title of “Shellback” in an initiation ceremony when they have sailed across the equator, which the ship in my story does, as it sails from Pago Pago, Samoa, to Hawaii. This tradition of the sea dates back hundreds of years, and in the old, rough days, there was a great deal of hazing during this rite of passage. If you take a cruise today on a ship crossing the equator, there will most likely be some sort of ceremony making shellbacks of all the fancy passengers, but the real maritime significance is always between the seasoned sailors and the un-equatored Polliwogs, sailors who have never crossed before.

I have fictionalized some of the extraneous details of this true story for the sake of rounding it out from my father’s simple and personal point of view. So even though he and the other unfortunates aboard the disaster-ridden Seth Parker, were probably too busy keeping the ship afloat when they crossed the equator, I can employ the tradition to set up the actual mutiny which came a little later in the voyage. What a great suggestion Rich had! My cover art for this book is also ready and things will go rapidly as soon as I can do the new writing on this one too.

In an earlier blog, I spoke about needing to get all my mules moving along in their accustomed lineup. Now that I have the lead mule under my own supervision again, I’m seeing my way clear along the narrow path of authorship and book production.

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Another Exciting Travel Prospect Looms … To Another Dimension!

July 12th, 2010

Oh Yessss! Oh Yesssss! Come dance a little jig with me! I’ve found a way to get off the planet! Yay! Yay! Yay! It’s a birthday present to myself and I begin my launch on September 11th…. 9/11… as a matter of fact. Oh Happy Day! I’ve discovered a way to really go within and then to come back out again.

With the FACTS, man! Right in my hand. Right in my head. Right in my memory! Woops! Too many good titles for this blog are suggesting themselves:


What an exciting event awaits me in just two months from yesterday. Knowing now, that I have this in my future, feels just as if I had suddenly decided to travel around the world again to visit all of those strange, new countries I have never entered before. Except that I don’t have to do a thing except show up. No planning for it; no ticketing; no travel exhaustion. Just arrive at the appointed time and lie down and close my eyes.

“What?” you say, “you’re planning to die on us?” No, nothing so final as all that….but, almost as good.

Do you remember a few months back, that I blogged, with great enthusiasm, about two books by Michael Newton, PhD: Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls? He had stumbled upon a way, through his hypnotherapy work, to send his clients not only to past lives, but to the in-between-lives stage where each soul reviews its previous life and plans the next one, the life that it is presently living. Newton learned how to witness what the soul experienced there and even how to interact, in real time, with its guides, its council elders, and other equal members of its soul group. I remember wishing as I read, that I could experience such a wonderful journey into my own interior landscape.

I ordered two more of Dr. Newton’s books: Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives, Stories of Personal Transformation and Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy For Spiritual Regression. By this time, Dr. Newton has retired from an active practice and devotes himself to the Newton Institute For Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI) which trains other hypnotherapists to do this specialized work. So, Memories is a compilation of their stories, which carry on the reports of many lives transformed through an understanding of what that soul has come to earth to accomplish. By now, these trained therapists can be found in twenty-two countries. Life Between Lives is actually a textbook for these practitioners, but I plan to read that, as well.

When I found this website, I naturally looked to see who might be practicing within a reasonable traveling distance from me, as my free-wheeling days to pack a bag and wander have been limited by the health of my son. There are only two practitioners in Florida, but, oh sweet luck!, one of them is about an hour-and-a-half away from me, in Sarasota, Lynn McGonigall, of Lightworks Method,

So, working things out with my boy, I made reservations for her Level 1- Preparing for and Making Contact Session in September. These training levels go all the way to #5 and they are covered in a Saturday-Sunday period, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m, held in a Sarasota hotel. The cost is very reasonable at $200 for the weekend, plus room costs. As a newbie, I’m supposing that these training sessions are auxiliary to time spent on her hypnotherapy couch doing the individual regression. But, I will report on all this as I go along.

As a person who is seriously dabbling in the Other World almost constantly…

Heck! I’m writing a book about it, to be released momently….(where have you heard that before???) (but this time, surely, it will happen as my proof copy should be arriving very soon). Watch for In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth to show up on, perhaps around mid-August, or keep an eye on this blogsite.

…. I am very keen to know just why and how this all came about, as well as how I am doing down here in the soup. And if there’s anything else I should do before I pop off.

Also, I’m already making a list of questions to ask about specifically. Yes, yes, I know that my latest book is all full of questions that I have asked The Holy Spirit, and I suppose I could ask Him these personal questions too, but I think I’ll stick to the big, cosmic subjects … questions about the Earth and the universe and humanity, in general. I would love to receive other people’s questions about these topics too; but I don’t want the psychic and personal queries. So, I apply that rule to myself, as well.

However, when I am hypnotically visiting a Between Life Realm, that is the proper place for any such thoughts and ideas that I can come up with. Just this morning, I have listed these:

1. What is the country of Russia to me? The place, the people, the language? What a pull I feel to all of that and I don’t know why. I’ve traveled there a lot when the Iron Curtain was falling in the early nineties and I loved it so much. The same felt true in Romania. Perhaps I have lived some happy lives there. When were those regions happy, I wonder?

2. I’m eager to know who all of my InterGalactic Friends are to me. Those people I meet, from time to time, who bond instantly, picking up from long, long ago, in some other realm. Perhaps they are members of my soul group? Who are my family members and friends in this lifetime? Who are the ones who have strongly impressed me emotionally; either positively or negatively?

3. At last I can confirm my suspicions that a slight indentation of my right upper rib cage was the entry point for a long-ago thrown spear. There’s no pain, only a slight shadow of a concave place that mostly shows when I am skinny. I’ve always said that I thought that’s what it was. This is a great chance to re-experience that moment.

And that’s the whole thing! You can see how it feels to die when you relive that past life’s ending and go into the spirit world. It doesn’t seem to be at all traumatic for any of them. What a great antidote to the fear of death, which I don’t believe I have now, but definitely won’t after all this is through.

Excitement about this prospect, blinded me for the time-being, about my original plans to launch my book on September 15th in a big, concerted marketing push for bestseller status. So, without even thinking, I gave away the crucial weekend before the launch. Not a problem! I just found another date that I like, actually, much better.

How’s October 10, 2010 for onomatopoeia? Ten, ten, ten? Rin Tin Tin? Ten, ten, double-ten, ten! Oh, I like that very well.

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Okay, I’m Tired Of Being A Linear Person, Already!

July 8th, 2010

I’m so very linear and it’s seriously getting in my way! I think that I’d make a fine mule in a pack train. Or more accurately, I want the projects of my life to act that way, like good little mules who don’t sit down and bray loudly and refuse to budge. I have a plan for all of them, and even though I may have a number of related projects going at the same time, there is an order here, at least in my mind, and I need to have them all move in the same direction at a steady pace. Especially, the lead mule.

Therein lies my current problem. My lead mule is my new book, In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth. This baby has shown an independent streak you wouldn’t believe. Remember? I began talking about this book way back in the Fall of 2009, and it’s still not quite born yet. It has certainly had a full-term, nine-month pregnancy and there are now encouraging sensations of labor making themselves felt. But never having given birth to a mule before, I cannot predict exactly when the little fella will appear. I have a nagging suspicion that this foal is a race horse and I’m the mule!

I  know that you are now thinking: this writer sure does mix her metaphors, doesn’t she? Yes, I do when I feel mule-ish.

I had tried a different track with this second book by going through a commercial publisher instead of handling all of the various tasks such as formatting and cover design, myself. In hind sight, I realize that I would have been much better off to just teach myself how to do all of those things but I’ve actually taken the harder, slower way. Last week, I finally received my ready-to-print files and officially sent them off to my printer, knowing that the Fourth of July holiday would slow things down a bit. Today I find that the spine width on the cover template needs expanding by a fraction of an inch and must go back to the designer for that.

So, we zig and we zag toward the end of the trail on this one. What else is new? I’m sure this sort of drama lies behind many books and movies that we, on the outside, all take for granted. It may be the nature of the medium. It may be the nature of art… the nature of work, itself.

The thing about it for me, is that there seems to be a psychological component here. I have a new website to design to fit the new theme. I have a marketing plan to incorporate to give this book the best chance to soar. I have two more books already written, with completed cover art, which I could be multi-tasking on. They need my full attention but are, so far, standing around waiting for my current tome to make its appearance.

What lesson can I read into this current situation? I suspect that it has to do with my usual compulsive, headlong rush into and through everything that I get my hands on. I have become accustomed to creating good stuff at lightning speed. I have a low tolerance level for delay. At this moment, I’m figuratively sitting in rush hour traffic with my destination in view, but am not physically capable of clearing the highway. At this moment, I’m the only one who is missing the arrival of my latest offering to the world. No one else really knows or cares. I am my only clamoring public.

If only I will simply relax and accept my lot, then life, publishing, mules, mule trails, highways, and childbirth will suddenly take care of themselves.

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The Day The Earth Farted, The World Stood Still …or… Deepwater Is In Deep Doo-Doo!

June 26th, 2010

What’s a fart anyway? A tiny bubble of trapped gas that works its way to the surface, much to everyone’s chagrin. What’s a Deepwater Horizon Explosion, but a tiny bubble of methane trapped down in the undersea bowels of the Earth, which one day, silently and unexpectedly worked its way through a slender BP drilling pipe; expanded into an ever-more-deadly bubble, and caused a ka-boom heard ’round the world.

“Oh, goodness gracious me! That wasn’t supposed to happen!”

Sometimes, it’s just too obvious to deny who’s the guilty party. All the fanning motions in the world won’t absolve the source of the toot if the guilty party stands alone in the big round room. All eyes turn to stare, all cameras begin to whir and the internet has a field day. Silence falls. Nothing can be heard except the booms that continue to emerge from an  unrepentant and unaccountable derriere.

The hostess swishes out the room spray. To no avail.

The proper Britisher, so suave just yesterday, blushes in the awful limelight. Mumbling apologies, he scans the exits; wishes someone else would have a worse misfortune at just that moment; empties pockets to soothe troubled dancers suddenly too shocked to have fun.

One tourist-filled archipelago along an earthquake-shattered fault line would do just fine! Would swing the public mindset onto rescue vehicles as neatly as a dancer’s double hip fracture during a particularly vigorous swing dance would take attention back where it belongs. On someone else!

But, drat it all, the music has stopped. Revelers stand in utter silence, joining “hands across the sand” in sudden photogenic protest by water sites around the world. Such staring! It goes on and on….wanting explanation….prying into private life and prandial secrets… requests for logs of former incidents, movements and preventive measures, as well as unborn future bubbles and potential noisy embarrassments. What is any gentleman to do under these grave circumstances? Look serious and wipe the brow; promise amends, fervently wish for yesterday, and think of happy thoughts. Sailing, for instance.

And yet, the nightmare becomes ever more sticky and inescapable. One can’t swear off the guilty substance. One wants One’s petroleum jelly!

Speaking as if to a congress of souls, by way of explanation, the poor fellow summons heartfelt words, thinking of what The Crown would say in this case:

“They say One’s sea cows are mad… Nonsense! They say One’s drilling is diabolical! It looks just fine to Me! But there’s one thing they’re bang-on about: One wants One’s BBP!”

Shall I drill for you, Sir? Quite!”

The dancers too, are addicts all. Their pockets are deeply lined with the goo, yet they insist upon their public inquisition.

“What caused your dreadful Toot?” they all say, interminably. “Is it likely to happen again? We surely think it will! You must guarantee a certifiably failsafe gut, before we invite you to our parties again. And when, oh when, will this one stop? And what about our dividends?”

He answers meekly, “The doctors say it’s a bad case of gas. Or perhaps a case of bad gas. Too soon to tell. We’re running tests, you know. But, certainly it’s over. I have a lot of experts working on it. It’s an isolated incident. So sorry. My apologies for spoiling your party. I’ll just be toddling off right now. The check will be in the mail tomorrow for all the grief this caused.”

Truth to tell, no party guest wants his own supply line cut. Nor prices raised again! Nor jobs lost. So, they all lobby amongst themselves for more offshore drilling… “But under better supervision.” These Dixieland Scarlett O’Haras simply want the music and the dancing to continue, and will worry about such uncouth civil nuances tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the current media darling hobbles home, praying for some natural disaster in a mountain fastness across the globe to distract the fickle public. Anything will do….except a hurricane … say, a gift from Alexander, The Great. He shudders at the wind-related jokes to come of that and the fun that upstart bloggers would again have at his expense.

(If you liked this post, you’ll love In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth, by Linda J. Brown, soon to be available in all locations.)

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Our Planet Is Wounded! Or Is She Fighting Back? Something Has Burst On Her Surface!

June 24th, 2010

I live on the Gulf Coast of Central Florida, so the April 20, 2010, explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig off the Texas coast, has particular meaning for me. Everyone in the world thinks fondly of the Gulf of Mexico, a most beautiful and well-loved body of water which is affectionately and literally cradled to the American bosom. What’s not to love about her? Tourists, fishermen, shrimpers, spongers, yachtsmen, ordinary boaters, windsurfers, para-gliders, shoreline residents, fish, birds, marine animals… all take her clean, warm beauty for granted; as we do all the waters of this planet, frankly.

Suddenly, something is not right! Suddenly, it’s as if the Earth has begun to bleed and no one can stop the hemorrhaging. The millions of barrels of oil that are relentlessly dispersed every moment now, into the entire Gulf are turning the water a rusty red… blood red… an ooze which has the capacity to remove all  oxygen from the water molecules and kill every sea creature in its path. Then, those poor victims would contribute their own blood to the mix as they disintegrate into the poison that is now, mystifyingly, filling their beautiful universe. Unlike the humans, they have no idea what brought about this terror. They had no hand in its cause, but they are the first being asked to pay the price.

And we don’t even understand the enormous amount of methane that is bubbling out of the bowels of the planet. That could be another bomb waiting to explode in our faces.

For the first time that history recalls, we humans have created a frightening and dramatic pierce wound right into the body of our planet in a location that can’t be hidden from the rest of the world.  Maybe the awfulness of an out-of-control oil well has happened elsewhere? Perhaps in the deserts of Saudi Arabia or in some Texas or Oklahoma plain. Kuwait had some pretty desperate news footage about unstopable burning gas plumes a few years ago. I, personally, have seen a Colorado mountainside that won’t hold snow in the winter time. It’s a coal mine, which caught fire a century ago and will burn until the lode runs out. but that all happens out of sight and underground.

Maybe landlocked disasters don’t attract as much attention. Maybe spilled oil just mucks up millions of other people’s acres, makes toxic marshes and eventually seeps underground again. I don’t know because I don’t read about it in the paper. Anyway, it’s “not in my back yard.” Sound familiar? NIMBY-ism, anyone?

Yesterday, I was thinking about the mess that IS forming up in my back yard swimming pool, the Gulf of Mexico. I was taking the image of a bleeding wound which no one can staunch, (so far), swirling out of an apparently bottomless supply of liquid gold. Oil is something that we humans actually consider to be among Earth’s most valuable resources. We have killed for it, fought wars over it, sold our souls to control it, and made unspeakable fortunes with it. We don’t like to face the inconvenient truth that oil controls us, as every drug will eventually control the addict dependent upon its ready supply. We want what we want, when we want it. And we don’t want to think too deeply about it as long as we can get our fix.

But we cannot bear our drug of choice to suddenly overwhelm us, by embarrassingly insisting upon filling a container that we had not planned to put it in… a container that we definitely don’t want contaminated with the very substance that we all, figuratively, wallow in daily. We like it to stay in our gas tanks where it belongs and we want it to have processed itself through some handy refinery before it makes its way to us.

This is just unseemly! This is most uncouth and someone has to be held accountable. And so we yell a lot. We also wring our hands and worry about helplessly watching that runaway goo inevitably follow the Gulf Stream all the way around the pristine white bowl, making all sand and sea in its inexorable path  uninhabitable. We already recoil from the inevitable worst case scenario that our wonderfully imaginative minds may now cough up:

That our beautiful Gulf of Mexico will soon resemble a gigantic toilet bowl.

Is this the pretty pass we addicts have suddenly come to? How can we halt the enormous flushing which we now watch with such dreadful horror? Will this wake us up to our dependent condition?

We must now ask ourselves the inevitable question:


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Have You Ever Been To Lilliput?

June 12th, 2010

What if you caught yourself wiping out an entire population and thinking that you had done nothing wrong? This happened to me in a dream where I was the Giant in the land of Lilliput.  In my dream, I was alone on a planet which had some jungle and some cleared land, and I was walking around thinking the planet must be unpopulated, but not noticing much unusual about it. Suddenly, an Upper Voice began to narrate my dream.

I was told that this was a very heavily-populated planet, but the residents were only the size of ants, compared to my size, and that I was a huge and terrifying giant to them because my feet were destroying many people and homes with every step. They were shooting poison darts at my feet and ankles, which registered as flea bites and yet, they were not driving me away. Well, where was I to go?  There was no free space for me.

The Voice told me that this dream was a test being administered to me to see what I would do with the knowledge that my every step was killing people. I stayed with the dream long enough to feel puzzled about what to do and scratching a few more “flea bites,” I considered spending my life in a tree. But then realized that these tiny people might be all over the trees, too.

As in most dreams, I took a break from the scene right then and found myself in some train station. Perhaps, I was coming up with my own novel solution of escape. But, that was not to be. Soon, I was back in Lilliput, observing myself lying down asleep. I’m sorry to say that I was not responsible for finding the solution to this problem, though that means that I don’t have to claim responsibility for the wholesale slaughter that ensued because of me. Here’s what happened.

Me, the Giant, fell asleep and some brave, tiny soul had climbed upon my body and found that I was female and therefore, maybe not so fearsome. He discovered a way to communicate with my mind by pressing his head against my third eye and projecting his thoughts to me. Because I’d already been told of their existence by The Voice, this news wasn’t such a shock to me. Perhaps The Voice had also described my dilemma to them, not to have any free land to move about in and being unable to avoid squashing them with every step.

 So, these little people had had time to analyze things and the Brave One on my forehead propelled a solution into my sleeping brain. His people were mild and peace-loving, but their enemies in an adjoining territory across the river were warlike and fierce. This people had long been victimized by dreadful terrorism and ongoing raids. If I would agree to become their ultimate weapon, they would clear the path and lead me into enemy territory where I could stamp those fierce ones into oblivion and clear the land for myself. These new friends would even help me to solve my food and shelter problems and we could all co-exist together very well.

Again, my dreaming self fell back into a deeper sleep and when I next found myself in that same dream, I was established in my newly-cleared land and everyone was happy… except for the newly stomped-upon terrorists, who were completely eliminated.

There followed an evaluation by The Dreamweavers Who had designed this test for me. They praised the original population for their courage and ingenuity. These tiny ones had domesticated The Terror (me, the Giant) and used it to solve their own problems. I was happy to have a cleared homeland and not to have suffer more of those irritating “flea bites.”

So often, the status of Friend or Foe is determined by the amount of fear  that is present in the situation. They had faced my reality, head-on, and found me not so bad, after all.  My towering size and tendency to tramp on homes and populations had originally made me an automatic enemy, even more dangerous than the ferocious hordes across the river. It looked as if Fate had really stacked the cards against them now. They could have given up and resigned themselves to a terrible fate because the very fact that I had, accidentally, landed on their side of the river might have wiped them out, eventually, if they had been paralyzed by their fear of me. However, through courageous investigation, they discovered that I wasn’t “terrible,” and that I was even a reasonable, howbeit large, person who had a serious difficulty of my own, just as they did. Their imaginative cooperation solved both of our problems at the same time, preserving the dignity of each side.

I like to think that their dreadful neighbors could have established the same sort of peace if they had been willing to sit down at the conference table and understand the other side’s needs. Since they had long demonstrated their unwillingness to do that, I don’t feel a bit bad about delivering ultimate justice with my feet and literally “standing up” for my friends.

Elimination of FEAR proved to be the way out of that puzzling dream, but I doubt if things would have turned out the same way if I had landed on the militant side of the river. Though maybe I would have continued to view them as fleas and would have, eventually, taken my own pest control measures.

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What Are The Psychological Obstructions To Traveling Freely?

June 6th, 2010

Looking over an October, 2006, journal entry when I was planning a talk to the Newcomer’s Club, I see that I was pondering the reasons why there is often fear and hesitation about striking out on one’s own, to see the world in a very freeform and solo way. I narrowed things down the three ongoing questions which a human being is always trying to solve – whether at home or away.

1.  How can I meet my needs?

2.  How do I fit into this social situation?

3.  What is to become of me?

In familiar surroundings, these questions don’t intrude into consciousness because the routines are established, the social order is understood, and the ultimate destiny question doesn’t pop up until major change occurs.

But in travel, any uncertainty is likely to set off all three questions clanging at the same time. Many people are not accustomed to the kind of inner analysis that would identify the new, heightened anxiety, so they tend to blame their uneasiness upon travel itself and not on the fact that they don’t like to be thrown into an undefined social situation. Or one where everyone else has a partner, or friend, as on a cruise with mostly couples, when they are solo. So, they simply don’t go unless someone comes with them.

Traveling as I do causes all three questions to constantly need answering, every single day, so one has to have gained a level of self-confidence about taking care of that business. The Inner Self, which is the one who becomes anxious about each equation, must trust the Outer Self to take care of its ongoing needs, so that it will settle into the adventure and not worry about survival. This requires a deeper knowledge of one’s own self and thus, the insecurity of travel is a wonderful school for the development of these qualities.

So, routinely leaving your comfort zone gives your Outer Self a chance to learn, excel and become comfortable with its own abilities. It’s easier to become acquainted with yourself when that’s all you have to count upon. A sheltered life won’t get you very far in the maturity department.

But now that I’ve been at home for a long period of time, when those three vital questions retreat to the background, I find that they morph into referring to the Inner Life. I still want to know the answer to those three questions, but they take on a deeper, spiritual meaning that keeps me constantly pondering and evaluating.

1.  How can I meet the needs of my soul? Am I growing? Am I happy?

2.  How am I doing as a member of Humanity? Am I contributing?

3.  What shall become of me? What is my ultimate destiny?

Now, it’s the Inner One who must guide the physical body through the challenges of life on the material planet and get across the minefield of almost unlimited choices in one piece. Just as in the outer sense, it appears that a human being can only be at ease and happy, if they have some solution at hand, moment by moment, to these three simple little questions. Spiritually, as well as Practically.

We can’t escape them simply by staying home. We can’t leave the Inner Life behind simply by leaving home. Wherever we go; there we are!

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What Is The Secret Behind Your Dreams?

May 25th, 2010

Reading more in the new book, Second Sight: An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells Her Extraordinary Story and Shows You How To Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom by Judith Orloff, M.D., I’m immersed in her deep understanding of dreams and how they are so often clues to our inner selves. As a practicing Intuitive Psychiatrist and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, she has impecable credentials in the medical field, as well as the new field of learning how to tap into our own Intuitive Inner Wisdom. She has become a renowed speaker and authority, in demand on television and in person.

Though I’m only halfway through reading this fascinating book, I am coming now to respect the dream life even more than I did before. I have a whole chapter dedicated to Dreams in my upcoming book, In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth, due out soon. I’d like to share a little bit of my interview with The Holy Spirit concerning dreams, since I keep thinking of it as I read Dr. Orloff’s wonderful book:

I would like to know all about dreams. What are they?

Dreams are not what you and all Earth people commonly think they are. They’re very much different from your common perception of them as simply being entertainment that takes place during your night’s sleep. They are real experiences of your astral self and they are quite varied in their depth and intensity.

Where do the actions take place which we perceive as dreams?

In many different dimensions. It’s impossible to answer this question in a general way, since everyone has myriad locations to which they might go in their sleep. 

Exactly what IS a dream? Is it simply our conscious experiencing of being in another place, during which we are always awake?

Yes. Your astral body never sleeps, even when your physical body is truly sleeping. Your dreaming is your conscious awareness of this other body. This perfectly wonderful experience is very familiar to everyone, but few have any idea of its true significance. If you knew about the miracle of the dream world, you would be overwhelmed with a sense of majesty and awe at this beautiful improvement over the way it has been in other millennial life cycles. Suffice it to say that We thought all Earth humans would become extinct at this millennium, as they were not to be given another chance when yet another global war occurred. So We planned a “double time” life for them during this go-round. We wanted to test them during their sleep, and so We provided a very active dream existence, the significance of which escapes everyone. Dreams are just stories that their minds create at night, as far as anyone is concerned. This is the best opportunity to explain how We have been testing you on Earth while you slept.

What is the difference between a dream and an out-of-body experience?

A dream is different, but it’s not easy to explain what the difference is. An out-of-body experience is a delicate maneuver and it should not be attempted by anybody. Very few individuals can manage this successfully, and they are taking a great risk every time that they do this deliberately.

But many New Age people now seem to be casual about doing out-of-body practices. Would You please comment?

Dreams are not dangerous. Out-of-body experiences are dangerous because it might not be done in the right direction or the right manner. It’s just best to leave it alone, as attractive as these prospects might be. If one is “supposed” to do this, for some unusual Upper reason, then you will be protected, but it’s a risky business to fool around with. There are dangers concerning this human connection with a physical body; not the least of which is that negative entities may desire to occupy it. These can be very hard to dislodge if they have found an unprotected human body. Accidents do happen in these inter-dimensional fields.

Are You constantly testing everyone with dreams each night, or is there ever a point at which You give up on some individuals?

Sometimes, people become very predictable and rather boring to Us, because they do exactly the same thing every time and always respond in the same manner. But We keep on prescribing dreams for them and then We watch to see if they will do something original. We might feel like giving up on people if they’re so dull in their responses, because We don’t have any hope for them. The purpose of this “Double Life” is to find the spiritualized ones, and if some humans are not showing signs of becoming spiritualized, We will pick up on that. But We don’t stop giving them dreams. As strange as it may sound to you who are living on Earth now, humans in previous millennial cycles had things much easier when they slept than any Earthling has had it in this cycle.

What is the process you use in this testing?

It is very simple. We take someone’s astral self to another place so that he will be able to react to many various conditions. Sometimes, We set up artificial situations and provide places and people. Other times, We take him to a level much higher than the level on which he lives and then reward him with Our Happiness. This is the way that We treat the spiritualized ones.

Do You set the dream scene and then take notes on the way that they behave within it?

Yes, that is the whole thing. Their real character will show up in this dream condition.

Does this add to or subtract from their spiritual progress or development during this life?

Absolutely! One way or the other. Dreams represent Our direct intervention in each human being’s life. No matter what a person’s spiritual status, We take a direct interest in their dream life as long as they show that they are on a spiritually-advancing path. 

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I’m Dabbling Happily In Other People’s Lives

May 22nd, 2010

It’s been almost two weeks since I wrote a blog and that’s because I have been having a very enjoyable time reading away, as well as immersing myself in three long-term friendships which have been on hold for sixteen years. I can’t help but feel that these activities have all come together as part of a larger plan because they have unfolded as naturally as the petals of a lovely flower opening up.

In addition to all that, I have been concentrating on the hothouse flower project of bringing my new book into reality, which has surprisingly become such a slow and delicate operation with so many small details that needed seeing to. For over a week, I proofed my final copy to make sure my edits were inserted correctly. Then I had to construct the index and add the page numbers, so that was also a tenderly careful duty. Hopefully, this marks the end of the production stage, which ran about six or even eight weeks longer than expected; and now we cruise into the printing process and finally a distribution arena. I have given up trying to promise a date to those who ask. All in good time, I tell them.

Today’s blog will focus on a very interesting life that has some parallels to mine.

My initial book marketing training has shown me how to locate other like-minded authors on the internet and I’m suddenly in the pipeline to receive notices of their hot-off-the press beautiful books. Just this minute, I’m a third of the way through reading Dr. Judith Orloff’s brand new book, Second Sight: An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells Her Extraordinary Story And Shows You How To Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom – or her site: .

Judith Orloff was a wild child in high school, very rebellious towards her conventional Jewish MD parents; into the Malibu Beach, California, drug scene, without much direction in life. She had been an intuitive child who forsaw deaths and tragic events and recoiled from certain people. This “weird” ability had been discounted and denied by all around her, especially by an overbearing mother who had only wanted her to be popular and acceptable. Fortunately, at seventeen, she almost died in a very strange auto accident which certainly should have killed her…a plunge from a twisting canyon road into a ravine below. Instead, she went into a “tunnel of serenity” and walked away from the accident unharmed. Many years afterwards, she discovered that this was a Near Death Experience.

In this book, she candidly reports the uncertain turns of her life which resulted in her discovering and beginning to respect her intuitive nature; only to have that pushed to the back burner by going through medical school and a psychiatry residency. Ironically, a Voice had told her in a dream that she should go to medical school, even though any sort of school was repugnant to her at the time. She was very intelligent and thrived at med school, though it took all of her energy and threw her wholly into the scientific-thinking world. 

Then, she conducted a practice for many years, ignoring any inner knowledge that might come sneaking back into her brain. That is, until the day when she had a clear impression that the patient on her therapy couch was planning to kill herself. She ignored that intuition and the patient went out and soon attempted suicide. The woman seriously messed herself up, but didn’t die and Dr. Orloff had an epiphany. No longer would she stuff that ability just because she was in a field where medical doctors didn’t cotton to those crazy theories of a non-scientific perception.

So she came out of the Intuitive Closet…as I have come out of my Clairaudient Closet with my own new book…and she started incorporating her “knowings and impressions” into her practice and writing books to help educate the public to this natural phenomenon. The book I’m reading is her fouth book now and she is very, very much in demand as an authority in this field, appearing frequently on major television shows. You may have heard of her.

But there she was, in the late 1960’s, a hippie, doing drugs and hiding a great fear that there was something seriously wrong and shameful about her; just because unexplained inner impressions came spontaneously to her mind. Now she is one of the front-runners in the movement that is causing this whole inner ability to be accepted by the general public and even by the more open-minded members of the medical community. After all, she IS one of them! They are much more inclined to listen.

That little red-headed rebel is paving the way for the rest of us! Thank you, so much, Dr. Judith Orloff!

Stay tuned…in a few days, I shall tell you about some other fascinating lives I am discovering.

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Do Animals Pray?

May 8th, 2010

Do animals pray or talk to You?

“In a way, they do. Animals do connect with Me at all times, but they don’t even think about making a special effort to talk to Me and articulate their needs. They know that I know. I know that they know. We are always in touch, mentally, in secret diffusion. It’s different than a human’s connection and animals are not being morally tested down here in this environment. They are under no obligation to regain a communication with Me, or to light a fire inside of their hearts. This is a particularly human test. Animals are really quite pure-hearted and following their own self-preservation instincts. This world appears different to them, even if they share the same environment with the human race.”

You say that animals perceive the same surroundings differently than humans do. Could You elaborate on that?

“Their’s is a highly-beloved Kingdom to Me, and it is very misunderstood by the human race, although people appreciate, love, and connect with, animals a great deal of the time. Animals are incapable of making value judgments. Oh, they do sense safety issues, keenly, but they are not processing things similarly. They do recognize familiar surroundings and they do know how to control themselves appropriately within those surroundings, if everything seems normal to their senses. Let something change, however, and they will take up another appropriate behavior. Much is done automatically, depending upon the input of the moment. Pets must be taught by humans to overcome these instant reactions, but that control is imposed and not natural.  

All animals are constantly scanning their surroundings on many levels, subliminally as well as consciously; so they will be alert to things that humans ignore and they will not pay attention to things that may mean a lot to a human….such as varieties of shapes within the human race, colors of skin, and clothing details. Animals will be picking up on natural scents and body language, which a human might miss entirely. Nuances of spoken language escape them, though they are much more sensitive to moods and changes of atmosphere.

Let Me tell you something; We are sensitive to animals in a different way than We are trying to be sensitive to humans. This is because humans can turn off to Us, and animals never even think to do that. They are wide open to these Upper Levels but humans have the freedom to close off and they use that freedom extravagantly. Consequently, animals are not as complicated as human beings are. They share many more attributes among their kind, not being quite so intellectual and individualistic.”


 This is another excerpt, quoting The Holy Spirit, from my new book, In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth, which will soon be published. I’ll let you know when it becomes available.

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