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Hoy Adobo

Elsa’s Adobo

On Sundays, various restaurants around Arequipa set out signs saying: “Hoy Adobo” (Today Adobo). After brief investigation, we learn that the nearby suburb Cayma is THE place to enjoy this local specialty. A ten-minute taxi ride brings us to the main plaza of Cayma, a flowering park, surrounded by cafes and restaurants each accompanied by a bubbling cauldron nestled over a wood fire. Each restaurant is overflowing with patrons, so we are happy to have a recommendation from our hotel proprietor and head straight for Elsita’s.

Elsa stands outside her namesake restaurant doling out portions of the pork marinated in chicha and spices, clearly her secret recipe, then smothering the pieces of meat with a rich, earthy red sauce. This is adobo, arequipena style. We snag a table and dig in, sopping up the sauce with fresh bread. Next Sunday, we may try a different restaurant, but we can vouch for Elsita’s.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Can you Yelp in Peru? 🙂

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