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Seven Blogging tips for newbies

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

While I am in no way positioning myself as an expert blogger, I thought it might be helpful to list a few blogging tips for newbies on this site.  I also ran across “Useful Techniques to Optimize Your Blog for The Major Search Engines” by Nick Stamoulis, president of Brick Marketing.  I will be attending the July 18 Blogher conference in San Francisco and look forward to sharing my experiences with you. 

1               Decide between running a WordPress blog off of your domain name (i.e.,  or setting up a blog at a hosted site.  You have to be ready to get your hands dirty in SEO (search engine optimization) and HTML if you select the first option.


2              Get listed on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Technorati and Stumbleupon

3                Establish a blogroll on your site and ask fellow bloggers to list your blog on their site

4          If you establish a blog, it is best to contribute posts at least 1 x weekly, ideally 3 x week, to have your blog considered for listing on sites such as BlogHer.  If you cannot commit to the upkeep of a blog, perhaps blogging isn’t for you.

5              Comment often on other blog sites to create higher visibility for your blog

6              Offer to guest blog on travel sites that will benefit your exposure

7              Web 2.0 is all about social networking.  Check out Twitter for further visibility of your blog

Technorati here I come

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Who knew that you needed to be web-savy to create a blog?  Anyone can launch a blog these days with the help of WordPress, BlogHer, Yahoo, Google and web-hosted sites such as Bootsnall.  But getting readers to visit your site, leave comments and sign up for your blog’s RSS feed is another thing.  I’d like to think that people read my blog for the travel writing and travelers that I interview, but I’ll never know unless you are brave enough to leave a comment.  I promise that I won’t bite.

 I’m learning how to create a blog presence one step at a time and it is painfully slow.  So, dear reader, please bear with me as I learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), key word strategies, how to StumbleUpon my site, get ranked on Google and Yahoo and Technorati myself.  

 Happy travels.  It’s been quite a trip.