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Gaudi; a man ahead of his time

Sunday, September 30th, 2007


Spain (1852-1926) In his young life, Antoni Gaudi was the last kid picked on the team.  Not much is known of Gaudi’s childhood except that he suffered from arthritis from the age of six.  Yet Gaudi turned this disability into a blessing for those of us who enjoy his works.  While he wasn’t able to run and play with the other children, he turned to nature for his sense of inspiration. 

 In 1873 Gaudi left his home in Reus bound for Barcelona and the Provincial School of Architecture.  As his father was a boiler maker or La Calderera, Gaudi was familiar with iron work and displayed his unusual sculptural designs in Casa Mila.  He was a global artist, interior designer and furniture maker.  He used recycled and left over tiles in his works that give a Hansel and Gretel feel to his buildings in the Parc Guell

Tragically, this forward thinker and planner of wide city streets had his life cut short when he was run over by a street car in Barcelona.