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Happy Birthday John Edward Parry

November 25th, 2012

The funeral and life celebration of John Edward Parry took place on 8th November 2012.  Today would have been his 77th birthday.  The obituary the family put together was edited by the Chester Chronicle, so it’s here instead!  We also note it’s the anniversary of George Best’s passing, so here are a couple of pictures…


The service was at St Werburgh’s Church and was conducted by Father Paul Shaw.

John was born in Chester and was a Freeman of the City, where he lived all his life.  A much loved husband, father, grandfather and uncle, John was a pipe fitter who began his working life at C. Seward and Co.  Having spent his national service in Germany and Holland, John later contracted for all the local engineering firms as well as spending working time in Ireland, Scotland and Jersey.

He is survived by his wife, Ellen, his sister Janet, his brother Graham, his son Martin, his daughters Clare, Susan and Angela and his grandchildren, Isis, Rhys, Alexander, Joe, Patrick and Rory and will be sorely missed.

A gregarious man, never more happy than in the company of friends and family he was described on the day by his grandchildren as, Cool, Truthful, Best, Caring, Joyful, Kind, Lovely and a Good Laugh.  All of his family and friends concur with these sentiments.

Mourners included all of the above named family members as well as Paul Abraham, Mark Banks rep. Janet Banks, Brian & Danny Barlow, Tommy & Joey Barlow, Victoria Buchanan, Maureen Byrne rep. Kevin and David, John Chadwick, Patricia Currid, Mick& Sue Davey, Catherine, Matthew & Ben Davies, Chris & Eileen Davies Mr & Mrs      R Davies rep. Brian Roberts, Stan Delmore, Tracey Dunseath rep. Andy, Matthew & Lauren, Cathy Elsden, Wendy Evans, Mike & Ali Fagin-Hall with Tom, Dermot & Jonjo, Rebecca Griffith, Mary & Tommy Hall, Philip Hall rep. Clare, Will & Emily, Clare Harding, Karl Henson, Barrie & Pam Hipkiss rep. Glyn, Jackie & Lee Fradley, Helen & Yasmin Holding, Eric & Susan Hope, John Hunt, Barry Johnston, Mary & Peter Jones, Shaun & Joanna Jones rep. Leela, John Kenyon, Jean & John Kiersey, Karen  Kinder rep. Emma, Melissa & Michael, Tabatha & Leo Manifold, Kim & Anthony Mealor, Sheila Mealor & Ivy, Maureen Middleton, Ann Moody,  Dermot & Colleen Murphy, Pauline Murphy, Debbie Owens rep. Tom & Jess, Audrey Parry, Joanne & Rosemary Roberts, Cath Rogan, Helen, Christopher & Liam Staines rep. Tracey &  John, Linda & Graham Swindley, Val & Terry Tomlinson, Bernadette Vickers rep. The Middleton Family, Paul Woosey, Alyson Potts & Lily Donoghue, Andrea Wilderspin, Janet Wooley, David Randles.

The family would like to acknowledge the many mourners not listed here as well as those who sent fond wishes and thoughts.

Bearers were Graham Parry, Martin Parry, Michael Hall, Philip Hall, Christopher Staines, Liam Staines.

Donations in John’s memory to Cheshire Asbestosis Victims Support Group:


What a Way to End It All

April 30th, 2006

Is any comment really necessary?

Blog Reunited.JPG

Yes, on reflection.

Stats at this point

Total posts – 129
Total comments – 715
Page views – 26415
Unique visitors – 3121

Well done all…

Interested in continuing the do? Follow this:


The Second to Last Post

April 23rd, 2006

Well, the journey’s over.  No-one has to worry about checking this out anymore…

It’s grim down south.  After a great do yesterday, I got the last plane journey of the trip to return me to my flat in London.  The weather is rubbish, but that was to be expected.

How many pints of Guinness were drunk yesterday?  It’s a worry.  As John says, Patricks 21st should be a blast.  I’ll be 63 then.  Cor.  Cath mentioned a couple of months in Brazil will take place between now and then.  If I don’t join her at some point I’ll just do my own little trip sooner rather than later.  It was fantastic seeing everyone yesterday.  You were all excellent – thanks everyone.  Good to note there is now a picture of the shrine up in the Catholic Club.

A couple of points.  You can all comment whenever you feel like it on son of blog (footie-based), due to be launched in the near future.  Secondly, I’m having a year off when I’m 50, but it will be four 3-month trips to different areas of the globe.  Just a promise to myself that needs to be made publicly.

Now to get back to work.

Final post may take place later this week.  Final comments welcome. We’ll need that blog-reunited picture.  Please email now…


In the Catholic

April 22nd, 2006

All having a nice time.,.


Going to Telford’s Tonight

April 20th, 2006

Should anyone fancy it…


Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

April 15th, 2006

I don’t!  It’s midnight on my last night on the continent and by all things confounded I’ve just heard this song.  Edith provides the last track of the blog – until I change my mind of course. 

So utterly right in so very many ways, it was also a track on my leaving tape for Australia over 20 years ago.  Not that she’d ever read this, but I’ve Suzy to thank for that moment.  Melanie, I will introduce you to modern technology when I get back…

Unbelievable, but true, a bloke has just passed me in the hotel lobby and said ‘No Regrets’ twice.  It’s all getting a bit spooky.

Here’s a picture from today.



Sao Paulo Youth – Corrupted or Enlightened?

April 14th, 2006

I think the latter, but to make up your own mind get a window seat in the Sattva vegetarian restaurant (Al. Itu. 1564) on a weekend night from 10pm on and watch the show on the street outside.  (The waitress produced the change for the meal out of her bra, by the way.)  The only really multicultural scene I’ve witnessed.  Oh to be 18, or even 25, again.  And Brazilian.

Also, as if to round things off the way they started, a religious procession outside my hotel at dusk (which followed a ‘modern’ crucifixion on the steps of the cathedral).  The stations in the street by candle light with a statue of a dead Christ and a Mary looking over him with a sad expression.  What happened in the East End this Good Friday?

Quick note on accommodation.  Staying at the NH Della Volpe – weekend rate £36.  Best value hotel of the holiday.  The standard rooms are like suites and well worth it.

Interesting that at least 13 people have had a look at this rather obscure link in the 4 hours since I put it on.  Who are you?

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A Paulistano Writes…

April 13th, 2006

Ho hum, nearly time to return.  Here I am in Sao Paulo, which is making a bid to be my new favourite big city.  Visited the Niemeyer-designed park, a superb oasis in the middle of the (pleasant) busyness.  Parts could do with a lick of paint, though.

Earlier, changed my BA seat from battery hen to veal crate.  Still hoping for an upgrade to pig-pen, but unlikely given the level of service to which this once-adequate company has sunk.  Oh for a bit of re-nationalisation…

Last night was a bit of a blast from the past.  Had a wander round the Jardins district of SP, getting a veggie burger for my tea (always a disappointment).  Had planned on a visit to a nearby Oirish pub, but it was full of drunk English boys called Jeremy, so skipped it for a bar I´d spotted on the way.  When I went in they were playing Ai No Corrida.  Unusual, so had a look around.  All the clues were there, with Wizard of Oz memorabilia and a portrait of Liza.  Next song was Into the Groove, so that was final confirmation.  Later they played Copacabana, as if any further detail were required.  Just to make it even more Oliver´s like, a drunk English girl got up on a stool when they started to play that Abba song about men and midnight.  She got down pretty fast when it was pointed out she was in danger of being scalped by the ceiling fan about 1mm from her head.

Anyway, all very friendly and pleasant and I slept well after a couple of well-earned gins.

And soon I´m coming home.  Booked into a posh hotel for my last couple of nights on the continent.  How many beds have I slept in on this journey?  Perhaps we could have a little competition along the lines of how many jellybeans in the jar, so beloved of summer fetes.  Winner could get a useless bit of tat that I´ll no doubt pick up in some mad panic of “Oh God, I haven´t bought any presents” phase, which normally affects me about a minute before I leave for home.  Luckily, this will occur at Easter this time, so all the tat shops will be shut.

And on the home front, we all know where the 22nd will be spent, and I´m fairly clear that next Mon and Tues will be in west London.  But I´m actually back in Chester on the Wednesday.  Anyone up for a pint or two on that or the following night?  I´m assuming Friday will take care of itself.  East Londoners, the fun starts Monday 24th and hopefully doesn´t stop for at least a week.  Please keep your diaries free.

So there we go.  Planning positively for the return.  Actually pretty excited at the thought of seeing you all, even though they´ll be strapping me to the seat of my veal crate as I sob forlorny at the loveliness that is Sao Paulo and everything else on this side of the Atlantic.  Still, PG Wodehouse is keeping my pecker up with his bally good pasting of the English aristocracy.  Trouble is, when that´s finished it´s only worthy books left for the flight.  Still, enough of ramblings, except to say that some of you could take a leaf or two out of Cath´s and Gillian´s books with their erudite comments.

To finish the latest on Niemeyer from Wiki –

“He is currently designing a statue showing a tiger with its mouth open and a man fighting it raising the Cuban flag against the US blockade of Cuba.”  And he´s 98.

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Two Cheap Tourists

April 11th, 2006


Strikes me that no one actually knows where I am.  Well, it’s Curitiba, a rather fine city south of Sao Paulo.  Last night I was presented with one of the best meals I’ve had on this trip – credit goes to Bin 608 on Carlos de Carvalho.  A glass of excellent Argentine chardonnay to accompany, with impeccable service.

Did the tourist thing today by taking a bus that covers the very widespread attractions that Curitiba has to offer.  Chief among them is the Museu Oscar Niemeyer – a fantastic structure, somewhat in the style of Miro, ruined by curators who have filled some of its galleries with unimaginative tat.  And the café wasn’t functioning.  

The (hop-on, hop-off) bus then takes you on a tour of the outlying sights including a variety of memorials to various European immigrants (and one to the locals who were displaced).  At one of these a couple of tourists got on the bus making comnplaints in English to the (Portuguese-speaking) conductor that they had been treated badly in some way and demanding to avoid the turnstile which checks you only make 4 stops per journey.  They got off with me at the next stop – The Wire Opera.  I knew it was closed for repairs because a big sign on the bus proclaimed so, but you could see the structure from outside and there was also a reclaimed amphitheatre there, so it was worth a look.  I got on the next bus with my co-Europeans and they once again made a fuss saying they hadn’t known it was closed.  I, amongst others, pointed out the sign, which they claimed they couldn’t understand, as it wasn’t in English (they were German).  I saw the real problem with a glance at their ticket-book indicating they only had one stop left, and clearly had done so for the past few attempts to avoid giving up a ticket.  They got off at the next stop and the male of this slimy couple had a nasty little smirk on his ugly little face.  Cheap. 

Hence song of the day is Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll by that other dead hero Mr Ian Dury.  There’s one line particularly apt. 

Currently reading Brazil, by John Updike.  The action has just moved to Sao Paulo to where I’m headed tomorrow.  Yet again a book has chimed in accurately with my journey (although hopefully not too accurately judging by where the story appears to be heading).  Weather today, a frosty 28 degrees Celsius.

Re the shrine;  The campaign has been going on for some time now, in case you hadn´t noticed.  If I go and pack it up it will lose it´s power.  Just keep chanting, all of you that have it as your wallpaper…


Another Saturday Night

April 11th, 2006

More memories?

Me: Do you speak English?

Woman in Tourist Information: Yes.  I’m sorry I was eating.  Here is a present from Florianopolis (hands me a map)?  Where are you from?  

LJP: Thank you.  (I already had a map.  It was in my hand.)  Is there a direct bus to Sao Francisco do Sul?   WITI: Yes.  Where are you from?  

LJP: England.  WITI:  I used to work at Alton Towers.  

LJP: Really?  How interesting.  WITI:  The British are better than the Americans.  They are more quiet, but they help you when you need it.  The americans act friendly. but they don´t help you.  

LJP:  Uh uh.  WITI:  There is a very old tree in the square here.  

LJP:  I must visit it.  About the bus?  WITI:  Have you been to Stafford?  

LJP:  Yes, as a matter of fact I used to work there.  WITI:  Do you know the Shire Hall Library?  

LJP:  No, is it good?  WITI:  I love the Shire Hall Library (writes down ‘Shire Hall Libraray’ on a piece of paper and hands it me).  

LJP:  I must visit it some day.  Er, the bus to…  WITI:  I’ve been to England four times.  I would like to go again, but it is too expensive for us here to go.  

LJP:  Oh, I…  WITI:  You must visit the market.  

LJP:  I will.  The bus to Sao Francisco?  WITI:  Yes, go to that company over there.  

LJP:  Thank you.  WITI:  I’m sorry for eating. 



Of course, the bus did not go direct, as I had to change at Joinville as warned.  Got on bus and as is usual the person in front of me had reclined his seat back as far as it would go.  My seat was right next to the toilet.  The man sitting next to me first cleaned his ears with his fingers and then concentrated on his dentures.  He wiped his fingernails on the curtain when he had run out of orifices.  Despite this the 2 hour journey might have been OK had not it been polluted by a showing of Robinson Crusoe ‘starring’ Pierce Brosnan.   Everyone associated with that film should surely be tortured.  And not in a nice way.  Joinville station OK and bought a ticket to my planned destination.  Sign on front of bus was a place I’d never heard of.  Second person to sit next to me was the local nutter.  I was very pleased I could speak no Portuguese.  However, I may have ruined his day.  Third person to sit next to me was one of a pair of local thugs.  The other had very many recent injuries – some still weeping.  Sao Francisco bus station was camouflaged.  Having passed it, the bus driver let me off at the top of a hill past the station and I walked back down to ask a man where the nearest hotel might be.  20 minutes walk.  OK, but is that a taxi I spy?  Can you take me to the nearest hotel?  I could, but the nice ones are 18km away and I’ve been to Hartlepool and Gravesend.  Really?  Let’s go 18km then.  Of course he had to stop off for a few minutes to do a bit of business and naturally left the clock running.  Obviously, the cab took me to the place indicated on the front of the bus.  There’s £12 I’ll never see again

Despite this being the off-season all hotels are full.  I got in the last one, but only for one night.  It’s a lovely beachfront hotel and I have a room at the back overlooking the road.  It is Rhyl, only hot.  Maradona is in Brazil (he follows me, you know).

Went for a quick walk in the early dusk (nightfall 6pm here) and had a quick pint on the front.  Cesar, the barman, invited me to come back later for some live music and I didn’t see how I could avoid it.     Went out as late as I could for dinner and chose a busyish place.  Picked the second-cheapest fish dish off the menu as price often equals quantity here and I wasn’t that hungry.  It was 3 fish in batter, a platter of chips, a platter of salad and about 4 portions of rice.  Also some general stuff that I can’t describe.  A fiver.  Oh for some beggars.   


As I had finished dinner (ie a quarter of it)too early and they didn’t serve coffee (in Brazil!), I didn’t want to wait for the music.  Hence I’ve let Cesar down.  Fairly sure he was priming the turn for a Beatle’s track, as well, as I’d told him I was from Liverpool/Manchester.  Now back in hotel watching Miss Brazil 2006.  It’s ultra seventies.  My local beauty (Miss Santa Catarina) has just come third.  The winner cried.

Memories?  Wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Song of the day is Sam Cooke a la the title of this post…      



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