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Yosemite NP, California – “Good Mountain Beautiful Land” 优山美地

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The first long weekend trip we took in California was a 2-day trip to Yosemite National Park. Even though Yosemite in the United States is almost as well-known as Yellowstone NP or Great Canyon NP, but to Chinese, it is a brand new travel knowledge. You can ask your Chinese friends in China to test my conclusion. 🙂
Can’t believe it? Some numbers for your reference:


Another amazing thing about Yesemite is its Chinese translation which means “Good Mountain and Beautiful Land” literally. Nobody won’t agree with this name, though I prefer something like “good mountain and beautiful fall” because its waterfalls are what make Yosemite different.

I have never seen so many waterfalls (and from different angles) in 2 days of my life. Water is the spirit of Yosemite, so the best season to visit this national park is late spring and early summer (late April – early July) after the raining season from Jan to Mar and the weather is not too chilly. This is the tip I learn from travel guide book, but it was also confirmed by the people we met in the park. They told us they had been to the park in November, but saw not as half as many of the falls as they saw in June.

Photo tour: On the Way to Vernal Fall (Jun 2005)


vernal fall, yosemite NP, california

vernal fall, yosemite NP, california

vernal fall, yosemite NP, california

vernal fall, yosemite NP, california

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