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Say “中秋节快乐“ to Your Chinese Friends! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to You!

Mid-Autumn Festival comes on Sept. 25 this year — Aug. 15 in Chinese calendar every year.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for family reunion. Chinese character for “Reunion” is the same as “round”, that’s why a moon cake is round-shape.

As a native Cantonese, I grew up eating moon cakes which are sweet in taste. Not until I was 18 and went to Shanghai for college; I didn’t know there is a kind of moon cake which is salty. Can you believe a CAKE is not SWEET?

Well, people in Shanghai area have been having “pork meat stuffed with puff skin“moon cakes for centuries, which is not SWEET. They taste very good!

traditional Cantonese style mooncake with lotus bean paste and salty egg yolk

Tradictional Cantonese Style Mooncake, lotus seed paste with salty egg yolk. (One with two yolks is Dulex!)
Su style mooncake with pork meat inside Su style mooncake with pork meat inside

Su (Means Suzhou) Style Mooncake, minced pork meat inside.
Haagendazs icecream mooncake

Localized Haagendazs Icecream Mooncake.

stir fry pond/river snail

Stir fry river/pond snail. Cantonese love to have this on Mid-Autumn Festivel. A family will sit together, eating the snail while “appreciating” the perfect moon of a year.

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4 responses to “Say “中秋节快乐“ to Your Chinese Friends! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to You!”

  1. Bruce Lee says:

    The food of Northern China indeedly is different from Southern.
    My dream is to taste “World Wide Food”.

  2. I can still taste the moon cakes you brought over to San Francisco last month. Very tasty and culturally meaningful. Have a blast at the festival!

    – Alex

  3. Gudrun says:

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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