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Boat Trip in Sai Kung, Hong Kong (西貢,香港)


When I told people that “we went hiking in Sai Kung”, most of them would respond with a question:” huh? you went to Vietnam?” “No, no, we went to Sai Kung in New Territories,Hong Kong“.
So, for people who are not familiar with Hong Kong, Sai Kung = Hoi Chi Minh city. For Hong Kong residents, Sai Kung = sea food, boat trip and maybe parks.

DSC_6258.JPGLast August, we flied back to China and stopped at Hong Kong for a week. My ex-colleagues invited us to a company retreat – a one-day boat trip in Sai Kung. Well, we have hiked there, have had great sea food there, this would be a great opportunity to complete our experience of “Sai Kung“.

I know most of local travel agencies have a kind of tour for people to “fish cuttlefish” at night.What you can do on a boat? You don’t need to bring any gadgets for fishing, but invite a large enough group of friends to reduce cost per person and bring food & drinks. Young people like to “hang out” on sea for party and fishing at night when it is much cooler. If you rent a boat and go boating in daytime, you can have more options for water activities. Make sure you have insurance coverage.

What you can do on a boat?On the trip, some (including ME) played poker games, engineers played PSPs (see above right), some went to swim and took “banana boat“ and some were just idle and relaxing.

Ok, here are our photo tour of boat trip.

Lang Kei Bay & Beach, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

This is the view of Long Ke Wan Bay & Beach from sea. (Check my previous post Go hiking in Hong Kong, have you ever think about that? for a closer view.)

A cave, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

What you can do on a boat trip?

Teenagers on the next boat were playing some dangerous game.

What you can do on a boat trip?

Banana Boat!

sai kung, hong kong

sai kung, hong kong

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  1. Evelyn says:

    Just wondering, do you have contact numbers for cuttlefish catching trip in Sai Kung? We are a group of 10 ppl wanting to do cuttlefishing there….

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