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My Eastern Holiday 2006 in Mangaldan,Pangasinan,Philippines › Create New Post — WordPress

My Eastern Holiday 2006 in Mangaldan,Pangasinan,Philippines › Create New Post — WordPress

My Eastern Holiday 2006 in the Philippines

My Eastern Holiday was not only to relax,visit my relatives and Friends or,seeing my country but, also to be alone,take time for me and to have time with God. About 90% of Pilipinos are Catholics and they take their beliefs seriously.The Churches during Sunday are full with young and old people.Eastern is a big event in our country.They celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ .You can see how religious the Pilipinos are.

I bought 30 rosary to give my family as well as my bestfriends in the Philippines.I taught some of them how to use it.From my arrival until my departure, we prayed rosary daily.

I visited some of the miraculous Churches ,like Our Lady of Manaog ,Grotto of Sta Lourdes in Bagiou and St. Tesoro in Calasiao.

Last Holy Thursday,we walked from our Church in my Town Mangaldan going to the Church in Manaog.Its about 25 km. away .So many people were there,lots of young people.As I reached the Church, I could not believe that Ive done it.

The next day,that was good Friday,we went to the church ,but, could not enter inside, it was full, so, we just stayed outside.After the mass,we joined the Folks for the burial of Jesus.We walked again in the whole Town middle.So many people were there.We came back again in the evening to kiss the dead body of Jesus.

Many of my classmates who live from other places and abroad came home this eastern so we organised our class reunion which was held on that glory Saturday.That was day and night meeting at the beach,but, since, Ive invited my relatives and friends (from Germany who were with us ) for lunch and coffee, I came at 6 pm.I stayed there the whole night in the beach.In the morning at 4 am,we went to Mc-Donalds for breakfast.

Eastern Sunday was time for the Church.I slept only 5 hours from 5 am to 9:30 am, and went to the Church.It was baptismal of my niece child, but, I preffered to visit my mother in the cemetry and went to the beach for our family excursion.

Eastern Monday was for my relatives.I stayed at my family , and talked with my relatives who visited my father on that day.but, in the afternoon went to the town.

Of course,after Eastern,I enjoyed my vacation too, through visiting our nice beaches which are just only 8 KM away from my Town , and other nice places . I spent time too, talking with my neighbors and friends,who gave also their time to me, without any hurry.

I was always riding in trycicles (fare is 5 Pesos ) from the door of my house to the town middle and with Jeeps.For little money ,you can go everywhere you like.

Food in restaurant are cheap,I did not need to cook.With my relatives of about 12 persons,for good food and drinks in a very good restaurant,I pay only 2.300 pesos.(about 40 dollars ). I was always in a cheaper one which was not so expensive for me.

Well,there, I feel at home,its my own country,and theres really no place like home.

By Eminga


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