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Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed..

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

As most people have experienced at some point while traveling, the weather can have a huge impact on your time spent in a certain place; what activities you do, how much a city appeals to you, etc. A much needed beach holiday can basically ruined by rain, as much as a skiing holiday can be a waste of money¬†by lack of snow. Since it is an uncontrollable aspect of any day, traveling or not, you have to have some sort of back-up plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Unfortunately, if you’ve already paid for a certain tour or activity, and they do not factor in weather conditions, how much you enjoy that experience is really up to you.

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Water water everywhere

Monday, February 6th, 2006

Warning: This is my first PUI (Posting Under the Influence), as I’ve just spent 4 hours in an English pub watching the Super Bowl. Not really the same without the commercials, and sort of sacriligious to see ads for soccer while you are watching American football. Iit’s really bizarre, the announcers are American, but from time to time will explain the rules to the international viewers. I tried to find a place that served buffalo wings and chili, but had to settle for fish and chips. Also Happy Birthday to Lisa and Stephanie, hope you guys had a great day!

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