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Two coasts, two routes

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Happy Birthday to my sister Kendra…Hope you are having a great time in Vegas!

I took a few days extra before writing again. I’ve just spent 5 days “recuperating” in Melbourne at my friend Jane’s apartment and trying to get things sorted. I managed to upload a fair amount of photos in that time, but even on a home computer it still takes ages. I have posted them on my smugmug, and was going to transfer some on to here, but still haven’t found the time. I also haven’t put captions on any pics yet, so you might not know exactly what you are looking at. But since you all just miss seeing my face, it will do you just fine. Here is my website on smugmug. Smugmughomepage It will be about the first 3-4 weeks in NZ and the first two weeks that I spent in Oz for NYE. Also my going away party is on there as well. I’ll have to try and be more picky about which photos to keep and to upload in the future, as I didn’t delete enough from my camera and some just aren’t that great. But it’s all a learning process so bear with me.

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Not quite backpacking…

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

Well, I finally saw a kangaroo, it only took 13 days. I was beginning to think it was some big tourist ploy. Even Denika and Jane were surprised we didn’t see any on our drive from Sydney to Melbourne. We did see one, but it was dead on the side of the road so it really could have been anything, and our road trip turned into the tourist conspiracy theory, where I was convinced for about two days that kangaroos, koalas and wombats don’t really exist, they just make fake Jim Henson type stuffed animals for their tourist advertisements to try and get stupid Americans down here. But no, I finally saw a few of them outside Denika’s grandfathers house on Saturday morning. They look like huge rabbits really and once they caught a look of us, they bounded away, just like on TV.

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