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The Top End

Sunday, May 14th, 2006

(It is May 14th today, Happy Mother’s Day!)

We have been in Darwin and the surrounding area for 12 days now. Lora and I arrived here “on schedule” on May 3rd, tired but happy that we made the whole trip on our own. Our constant debates of whether we should have left the car somewhere early and joined a tour or flown to Darwin never came to fruition, and we made the entire drive from Perth to Darwin on our own and all in one piece. Though the trip was technically only 4400 km, we put about 6600km on the rental car, since we explored some of the southwest coast and made trips off the main road to Cervantes and Exmouth. When we reached Darwin, we both laughingly realized we had no idea what to expect of the place, and were pleasantly surprised to find it a bigger than a town, smaller than a city, but with a character all it’s own. Most importantly, it had a camera repair shop for Lora, since there hadn’t been one on the entire trip since Perth. That, along with a beer and a dip in the pool, was the only thing on our agenda, at least for the next day. [read on]