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Sounds like…fiord?

Saturday, February 18th, 2006

If I had to guess, I would say that Milford Sound is probably one of the top three most visited destinations in New Zealand.  When it was first discovered by James Cook, he called it a Sound because the word fiord didn’t exist in the English language, it is a Scandinavian word. But Milford Sound is technically a fiord, which means it is formed by a glacier, whereas a sound is formed by a river. The minute I arrived in Queenstown, there were ads and fliers and tons of information on all the various tours and trips you could do out to the Sound. There are options of flying into and out of Milford, taking the bus, cruise, overnight cruise etc. You also have the option of staying in Te Anau, a small town which is much closer to Milford than Queenstown. There is also another option of going to Doubtful Sound, which is a little bit further away and less popular, but apparently no less spectacular. I think the main reason that Milford is so popular though is because of the drive out there. [read on]