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January 21st – PPP Penguin

Road Crossing

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We explored the city today. Well we walked round and did a bit of souvenir shopping. Some of the architecture here is impressive and yes a lot like Edinburgh but honestly we did not fancy to going to see any of it in more detail so we headed north.

Omaru has colonies of blue penguins. The town even has “Beware Penguins Crossing” road signs! We stopped off at the colony but the penguins come out mainly at night and the cost to watch was quite steep so we decided to keep on moving. O got very excited on the way out as we passed a wooden pier covered in wildlife but no penguins just lots of birds!

We stopped for the night in Timaru. This is not really a touristy town but I have worked with people who come from here and wanted to pay the town a visit. The holiday park had 3 Italians who were just starting out cycling round the South Island. They each had a tiny tent, a bike and a little trailer to carry all their stuff. They were still all in high spirits and ate enough for a small army. I wonder how they will fare?

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