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January 13th – Greymouth

New Zealand 142

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Grey in the name grey is the colour. Everything form the sand to the colour of the Tasman sea is shades of grey. The rain might have something to do with it. We pitched the tent in record time and can happily say that it does not leak. We have started watching a movie at night all snuggled up in our sleeping bags with our little torch. We saw “Bee Movie” last night – is it me or was that just pants?

Luckily the tent had dried out by the morning. We have done the wine tour so this time it was the turn of the brewery – Monteith’s. It’s a very small brewery and the tour was quick but we got to taste the different malt grains and see round everything. The bar had some lovely tasting and Josh got to pull his first pint although he was very annoyed he could not drink it. It’s scary he could so easily pass for 18 as he towers over everyone already, when I say “2 children” for entry to everything I get some looks and then I have to joke about his age. I am sure a lot of the time people don’t believe me. Today a very nice man asked if all 3 of us were siblings travelling around. I am positive this is not because I look young but because the kids look beyond their years and this was also someone who wanted to sell stuff. Di – he was from South Africa and also loves Drakensburg!

Oh and I found out on the tour why the town was so quiet – there was a race meeting on which is a huge town event and everyone went. Apparently it’s a huge excuse for a party but explains the deserted town.

We are in Franz Josef tonight ready to go to the glacier tomorrow. It’s raining again and we had to drive to get washed at the loo block tonight as I didn’t want to get wet. Apparently rainfall is about 7m per annum so to be expected. There is a snorer in the next tent. I have no idea what the etiquette is – do you bang on the tent wall or just shine a torch over and yell shut up in various foreign languages? My ear plugs are in the car which is just too far away in the rain to make a mad dash, maybe we can use the force…………..

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