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Feb 28th – Kurunda

Cairns 256

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The rain has nearly washed the van away. The rain meant we could not have the windows open last night and the humidity meant a hard going night. The free pancake breakfast here made up for it though. They were really nice and it feels like so long ago we had a hot breakfast. There were companies there plugging cruises (of course nothing is for free) and managed to find a cheap one that visits more than one site on the outer reef. The only downside is we have to be ready at 6.30 tomorrow……………..

Before the rain started again today we quickly made our way up to Kuranda and the Barron Falls. The water rushing through there was amazing and had a real power to it. As we were quite early no tourists either! There is a lookout on the hilly way up to Kurunda and the view was breathtaking. You could see the green of Cairns (as there really are no beaches here to speak of – just mud flats) and the calmest bluest ocean stretching out into the distance beyond – incredibly peaceful. Well it was until the kids started arguing about the radio and who was singing the song, I could hear them from where I was standing and it was the Rolling Stones for those who might have been wondering – quite prophetically “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, silence is golden and all that.

The drive to Kurunda was more fun than the town itself. It is really a tourist trap with markets and stalls selling opals and didgeridoos galore. You can spend a small fortune catching the train up or riding on the gondola if you needed a way to bust your budget – the drive is just as much fun on the very windy roads. We were overtaken by a carload of Aborigine workers who all cheered and waved as they passed – I wondered if they were congratulating my driving or just cheering that they could actually pass me – at least they were smiling!

2 nights left in the van and then………………..air conditioning!

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