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Feb 18th – Lashings Of Ginger Beer

Fraser Island 046

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At last a visit to a drinks factory where the kids get to taste! No Josh did not sneak in under the radar, we paid a visit to The Barrel – it’s a soft drink place that makes all the Bundaberg ginger beer and peachy etc. We discovered these drinks that are served in what looks like beer bottles in NZ and love the taste. The barrel was an interactive tour and look out for the floor which is made to look like fizzy ginger beer – fabulous. I think the kids really appreciated the tastings as they had waited for so long!

Feb 19th – Rockhampton

All I have to say about this awful place is that I feel awful they have had the floods but my souvenir from the town was some lovely sandfly bites. Both O and I suffered – I had 44 direct hits on one foot and ankle over 60 on the other. God they itch – you just want to rip your skin off. Apparently sandflies love the mud from the flood and breed like crazy, they certainly were well fed on us.

The Tropic Of Capricorn passes through here too so had to take some photos on the line. Crossing it did I feel any more tropical? Not really although I have to say that since we bought the large umbrella we have not had to use it. I was talking to some English girls and we were laughing saying you either curse the rain or complain about the heat, there’s no happy medium at all. There’s just no pleasing us Brits!

One good thing, we have decided to take a detour inland as Mackay is also supposed to be flooded with 4000 houses underwater. Time to see a bit of the rural Australia I think.

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