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September 20th – Sunday

A clear blue sky, a view of the Rockies in the distance, complete with the first coverings of snow on the peaks – what a way to start the day. You have to love the location of the mile high city.

I caved in, well actually I really fancied a bit of an adrenaline rush myself so held out for a while to the kids pleas of “please can we go – ppppllllleeeeaaassseeee”, “Oh OK then”. So it was off to Elitch Gardens (, a Six Flags theme park just near the fabulous sports stadium – .

There were hardly any queues and the weather could not have been better. This is fortunate as after only an hour we went on the water ride and got soaked to the skin. If you look at the photos – check out the bridge over the ride. Yes we were walking across this and got soaked again with FREEZING cold water from the next boat to come down. My wallet is still wet tonight. Thankfully I can say the investment in “travel” clothes paid off as I dried off really quickly. Ophelie in her jeans took a while longer……………..I have nice lobster patches today from getting sunburnt, but I wear them with pride.

The thrill rides were very good for a small park. I actually chickened out on one – The Half Pipe. It’s a giant skateboard with 2 sections of people on it that twists and turns up a “U” section of roller coaster track – loved the look of the ride.

The best ride was the wooden rollercoaster – for those who have experienced one you will know how bone shaken you are when you come off but this one also had a tunnel which gave it a new dimension.

We also experienced ones where your feet went free, ones that you were horizontal and facing down, the loop that started off forwards and then went backwards (OMG – the drop before the loop felt so strange – but excellent), chair swings, my favourite the Waltzer, the Ferris wheel, a twister with carriages that inverted 360 degrees – oh so much for one day.

I love that feeling of coming off a ride when everyone suddenly feels like running and the grins that you see on everyone’s faces stretch from ear to ear, well apart from the few green faces. Josh rode his first loop today, we actually had to walk up flights and flights of stairs to get to it so the tension was high and boy did that tower shake while you were waiting in line and the ride went off. He was very glad to get back to solid ground but he tried it – I was very proud of him for conquering a fear without any pressure from me or his sister, he just wanted to do it.

The park was full of people but did not seem busy. I had a great time people watching – queuing to ride the wooden roller coaster again there was a group of teenagers behind us, one of whom was on the phone. Am I getting old, her conversation seemed to be about nothing – I wasn’t even sure there was someone at the end of the phone. We heard all about what she eat yesterday, her texting and what she was going to wear tomorrow.

“Like she said to me I don’t think I can because she said I hang round with all the popular kids”

“Like I know – that’s so retarded”
“Yeah, I know, like totally” and it went on and on and on.

There were also the Mums who were discussing the merits of different beauty schools for their kids and the Dad who trying to persuade his daughter that going on the biggest rollercoaster in the park was not a good idea as she would slip through the seat as she was too small. Apparently she had the ability to squeeze her legs together and hold on real tight – she was about 4. Just slices of life that are interesting as they are so different from your own. There were quite a few nudges from people when we all talked as we stood out – Ohhh I love your accent where y’all from?

Oh yes and the strangest character – Mr Ferris Wheel. About 50 – I would say very single. He had his own sign language for letting people on and off the wheel and beware if you stepped over the line. His work was his life and we caught him several times talking to himself and laughing………….this is the stuff of serial killers.

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