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When Soccer Ruled the USA


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Getting a little bit more into the fútbol theme, I´d like to direct your attention to a fantastic article that – believe it or not – actually graces the frontpage of America´s pre-eminent on-line sports journal. Soccer on – fancy that. Though I suppose with every professional sport out of season except for baseball they needed something to fill the space.  At any rate this a piece about how a bunch of worldwide soccer legends came to NYC in the 70´s and, for a time, made the sport glamorous. Known as the Cosmos, they hobknobbed with Andy Warhol and Cher, to name just a few.  At the forefront of it all was the Brazilian ultrasuperstar Pelé, who to this day is widely considered the best soccer player of all time, though considering the players´ ¨second locker room¨ was Studio 54, I´ve little doubt Maradona would have fit in just fine, were he around to partake in all off-the field festivities.

Before diving in, two other points:

  • If Italy wins the World Cup (they play France in the finals), the only team not to have lost to them would be the US. Ain´t that something. I don´t particularly care for either team, but I do think if Italy cared as much about soccer as they do about their hair they´re bound to take the title.
  • I´m actually a bit surprised at how calm Buenos Aires was after the loss.  Nothing (important) got smashed, and as far as I could tell people were doing OK, especially after they stopped crying.  Even the bus drivers – the local equivalent to the lumberjack, in terms of symbolic machismo - let the tears flow.

When Soccer Ruled the USA.   

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