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About Me – stickin’ it to the Man

I enjoy long walks on the beach while sharing a glass of fine champanya as the pale summer sun sets over the glistening blue sea…

Really, who doesn’t?

But enough about that. Since I recently graduated from the University of Michigan, I’ve been abruptly confronted by the utterly depressing yet completely inescapable post-college predicament: move on and work for “the Man” or hang around my parents house hitting on high school girls, trying to impress them with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bedsheets I’ve had since I was 8. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m cut out for either one of these just yet, so instead I’m going to do what any sane, responsible, long-term oriented individual would do: flee the country.

Why South America? Well, I’ll tell you why – for one, I couldn’t find any flights to Kazakhstan. Secondly, I want to really learn Spanish. I picked up a good amount when I studied in Barcelona for a semester, but it’s difficult to become fluent when you’re on a program with 300 other Americans, limiting most of your spanish conversations to ordering in restaurants and drunken cab rides home at 4 am (I can order patatas bravas with a DAMN good accent, though). Also, though callous it might seem, I chose Argentina because after its recent economic issues it’s supposedly very affordable (i.e. cheap) right now for those with dollars, euros, or pounds. Being that I just graduated and the finances are stretched pretty thin, it seems that Argentina is the spot to have a good time without going broke. Add to that its reputation for nightlife, culture, steak, wine, women…and we have the makings of what could be a swell time.

So – the gameplan is to take a month-long course to get my English teaching certificate, find a decent job, travel a little, do some volunteer work, and just see what comes my way (hopefully not malaria) in the city of Buenos Aires. I hope you all haven’t died of boredom already reading this, and please feel free to post any comments/concerns/hate mail you have to any of my posts.

As Jim Morrison so eloquently put it:

“I just wanna have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames”


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5 Responses to “About Me – stickin’ it to the Man”

  1. Scott Says:

    damn the man, you better not snitch down in Argentina, they dont take it lightly like we do in Bmore

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. Alex Parkhomenko Says:

    Visiting Kazakhstan is easy: any route to Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Moscow and you’ll get on an Air Astana plane to Alamty or Astana ;)

  4. Posted from Russian Federation Russian Federation
  5. admin Says:

    Well my friend…I stand corrected. Perhaps a visit to Kazakhstan could be in line in the future…Ginquee!

  6. Posted from United States United States
  7. Scott and Brian Says:

    we spoke to Benny Hinn this afternoon and he said if you buy the miracle water from Hiroshima you will live eternally. He also mentioned that uhm hold on whats his name that Steve Martin in leap of Faith was the worst impression of Benny ever. Love to all, Borat and Bruno

    Double vassup, ish dont think so…

  8. Posted from United States United States
  9. Subway Jared Says:

    what the fuck dude? I have to find out that you have a blog from Metzner who is currently half way around the world!

    Anyway…Hopefully you will keep this updated so I can have a little amusement during my long work week. Buenos Aires is going to be so nuts, I can definitely see you coming home with a jewish, argentinian wife.

    Watching the Michigan game on TV today made me really realize how much I miss the place and all the rest of the 814ers. Hope you are doing alright so stop typing about this trip on the internet and actually make it down there already!

  10. admin Says:

    Subway Jared -
    - Hows the diet going? Had to murder anyone yet to support the habit ;) ?
    - My bad. There’s not too much to it as of yet, so I was gonna unveil it to you in a week or so when it was all up and running…but please except my apologies.

    Yeh dude when I saw ABC show State street and Michigan Book and supply I almost lost it…not that I have any particular fondness for Michigan book and supply, but you know what I’m sayin. 1st Floor 4 Life. One more thing – me and my friend Seth accidentally went through Hamsterdam last night at 12 am – some scary shiite!

  11. Posted from United States United States

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