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Mi Buenos Aires Querido

13 December 2005 (Tuesday) – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ah, mi Buenos Aires querido… (My dear Buenos Aires)! I was very happy to see it again – in perfect summery weather this time – when the bus pulled up earlier than expected.

My friend Pablo had said he would pick me up. I looked around and realised that gosh, Retiro bus terminal is so immense. How in the world could we find each other? I did not know if it was best to go search for him or to sit put and wait. I took the easy way out and sat.

Ah, hello… there he is!! Hola hola hola hola… we greeted each other happily, rushing to ask each other how the other had been. Great to see him again. He said I looked thinner. Well, lost about 5 kg. I had no appetite for food since Bolivia, don’t know why. I just ate one main meal a day… the rest are bits of snacks and bread here and there. But I kinda like my slimmer self. At least, I look better now in the new clothes that I had just bought. As for him, he looked a bit tired, as he had been working very hard for his job, earning money for his next big trip.

After leaving my things at his apartment, we headed to a supermarket to buy things to cook. “So, Trisha, ¿que querés comer?” (What do you want to eat?) as Pablo scanned through the vegetables and meat sections. “Sushi”, I replied. He rolled his eyeballs. He tried again, “So, Trisha, ¿que querés comer?“. There is only one answer – “Sushi”.

Into the basket, Pablo tossed ingredients for pasta and lasagne.

What? No sushi?

As Pablo is leaving Buenos Aires in a few days’ time for his job, he was a little stressed and busy now. No biggie, with Guia ‘T’, I can cruise around Buenos Aires all by myself. I went to the city centre and wandered around Calle Florida. I spotted the usual tango performing couples and popped into each of the bookshops I came by. Everything felt so familiar. I felt really at home. And I also felt a little sad that I would be leaving soon. I guess, over these two plus weeks, I just had to treasure each and every day I have and enjoy all the city has to offer as much as possible.

(As this is the tailend of my trip, I have to confess I am a little tired now of updating the blog. I may take a break from writing my blog and will only update occasionally when I feel like it. So, don’t worry if you see nothing being updated. I am still alive.)

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3 Responses to “Mi Buenos Aires Querido”

  1. Jessica Says:

    You have a new fan, I am working my way through your past adventures while I’m reading this one. First I’m jealous, but also I’m taking notes. I will eventually follow your footsteps. I so admire that you’ve done this not once, but twice. Also, as cheesy as you feel when you have those moments of realizing just how awesome some of the things you are seeing are, I completely relate, and its the primary reason why I want to travel alone (even though I have a significant (very significant) onther.

    Keep it up.

    And PS. I was given a new digital camera for my birthday, leaving a perfectly functioning nice one sitting lonesome in a drawer. Seeing as you can’t seem to keep yours for terribly long, I would be happy to donate it to you, if you can figure out a good place for me to send it (my treat as I’m gainfully employed), where it would both have time to get there, and you have a specific friend I could send it via. Merry Xmas either way!
    Cheers, Jess USA

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. Jessica Says:

    Ah I just read through this one and sounds like you are close to done. Darn.
    But good luck with going home.

  4. Posted from United States United States
  5. kfcj Says:

    this was another marathon travel thriller, impossible to miss the next chapter,
    better than footprint or lp; you’ve given insights and nuances that hit home;
    with google earth and other www resources, will be retracing your journey and diversions; mucho gracias; this is sayonara or totsiens till the next journey;
    hopefully we eyeball somewhere on the globe in the not too distant future;
    relished every destination and incident; again, you’re not the usual Singaporean, hope the Country recognises you as one jolly fine Ambassador of the City State !!! meegwetch,

  6. Posted from Canada Canada
  7. Carol Says:

    It was a great pleasure to meet you Trish. I am really glad our paths have crossed and I have really enjoyed following through S.A. Although I am from SA, seeing it through your eyes and words changes my whole view of this beautiful continent. You are always welcome in Rio and I promisse to take you shopping for non-tacky clothes 🙂 But you have to promisse to root for Brazil on soccer matches!

  8. Posted from Brazil Brazil

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