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12 December 2005 (Monday) – Cordoba to Buenos Aires, Argentina

As I leave for home from Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of my missions here is to shop shop shop. Coz afterall, I am leaving and I have no idea when I would come back here again. Well, I know… I bitched about having not enough money, but truly, I was ‘saving up’ to spend my money here in Argentina. The things here are comparatively cheap, if you know where to look, and can be rather fashionable. They are not tacky like in Brazil, or expensive like in Venezuela and Chile, or over-ethnic like in Peru and Bolivia. Shopping is truly best done here in Argentina. Travelling Trish turns Trendy Trish? Well.

Nadia informed me that the cheapie clothes stores, inadvertently many are run by Koreans, are found along Calle San Martin. I spent hours along that street, sinking my hands deep into the jungle of clothes and snapping up rather good deals. Very happy. I was, at one point, mistaken for one of the Koreans working at the store, as a lady came to ask me how to use the locker. Sorry, wrong Asian… ask the other one.

In the evening, Nadia and I, together with all my backpack and stuff, took a taxi to pick up her friend Daniel and a Hospitality Club member from Lithuania called Gedas. We went to Parque Sarmiento for some choripan – grilled chorizos (thick sausages) clasped between bread, laced with whatever sauces and veggies you want… wow, truly the BEST choripan I had ever had so far! The view here, especially at night, was rather nice as we could see a bit of the twinkling lights down in the centre. We chatted a bit but could not stay long as I had a bus to catch.

The trio accompanied me to the bus terminal and saw me off. This would truly be my last bus ride and my last time sleeping on a bus (at least for a while before the next trip begins!) as I cruised towards my second home city, the last point of my trip – Buenos Aires. It is time to connect the final dot!

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