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The Night Before the Trip

Friday, May 27th, 2005

I’ve pulled this stunt before… Nearly 3 years ago, I left my job and did a RTW for 1 year. The ramblings of that trip are posted in Bootsnall RTW Travelogues ‘The Year of Living Differently’ at 

And now… much to my parents’ chagrin… I am still at it! I just left my job but for lack of money, I will only travel for a few months through South America.

In 2002-2003, I traversed through the southern end – what I call the ‘ice-cream cone’ portion of South America : Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and back to Argentina.

This time round, as I double-cross South America again, I hope to go through the ‘ice-cream’ portion: Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and if possible, Peru, Chile and back to Argentina.

Why am I doing this? What am I searching for? What do I gain from travelling? Well, it will take pages to try and articulate my feelings. To quote Pico Iyer, the famed travel writer, or more likely to misquote him (as this is from pure memory after casually glancing at the back of one of his books’ cover) : “I do not know what I am searching for but I hope I never find it.” (or something to that effect!) That sounds about right for me. So, we travel on…

Well, wish me luck and feel free to leave your comments! I look forward to an interactive blog.

trisha sng…:)