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I’m Back!

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

After a 4 months hiatus, I’m back! Since August, I guess a lot has happend but at the same time not much has happend at all. I don’t think I’ll delve into everything right now and just deal with the present and the now. Sometimes it’s better to just look forward and forget the past. Overthinking and overanalyzing past actions only leads to more headaches. I speak from experience.

Anyway, today I took a day off from work. My stomach didn’t feel good and I had a fever. Imagine what your stomach feels like when you’re nervous and then make that the whole day. I may have the case of the stomach flu but I don’t really want to admit that. Japan is dealing with an outbreak of the “Norovirus” or as the Japanese say it “Norouirusu!” I vaguely remember studying about this virus back in my microbio days at UCLA but those days are long gone. Anyway, apparently this virus causes “projectile vomiting,” “diahrrea” and “fever.” I qualify for two of those symptoms but I don’t think I have “projectile” vomiting or any vomiting. I did go through the motion of vomiting a few times but nothing came out. Maybe it’s also that I haven’t really eaten anything. Ok, enough about vomiting. I stayed home all day and ate rice porridge, which is suppose to be easy on the stomach, but also bland and tasteless.

The point is, being sick sucks. I’m unmotivated and don’t have much energy to do anything. I stayed home all day and it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. I didn’t accomplish much but I did manage to fold my laundry from days and days before. Also, getting sick sucks when you live by yourself because the only person that can take care of you IS yourself. It’s quite rough when it comes to meal time. The Winter season doesn’t help either. The cold only makes it worst. I don’t know if I’m cold because of the weather or because of the fever. Either way, I’m COLD! I hope tomorrow is a better day.